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Welcome to Squish 7, the 7th Xangles frwoa, the 7th planet of the Squish solar system at the dead center of the only purple nebula in the Pepe ku, and some monkey-brained Earth idiot's home page.  I'm Kal-7000.  I'm a krforb--a Kroffonian orb bot mod, formerly Kolphin the Dolphin.  I untangle a lot of the mess and xangle frwoa static when known univi (kus) come too close or get too intertangled for their own good, but occasionally the frwoa static itself gets so massive that it begins to solidify into a planet in physical frwoa space, and quite rarely as has occured with this one, an entire Xangles frwoa.

When I stumble upon these, I usually throw their tangible presence in this star system, that I named Squish, and look after them.  Like, 'squish' the xangles together, get it?  I know, it's not too creative.  Anyway, this is my 7th try with a static planet; my first five self-vaporized when I tried to install a Douglas Adams series with an answer to life other than 42, and the Minbari from Babylon 5 needed the 6th for the Shadow war when B4 didn't do the trick.

Anyway, I figured I'd throw a page up about this one on the xnet.  I found some guy who's nickname was Squish on the Earth corner of the xnet, so instead of vaporizing him, I just bought him a frisbee (what a dog) and he said I could use it.  The links to your left are some of the accumulated Squish 7 body of knowledge, art, humor, and randomness.  From an Earth point of view, Squish the comedian thinks he wrote all this himself--and maybe from some xangle he did--so on Earth you can all believe that.  My xangle is that your Squish is just a dumb zombie vehicle for all the Squish 7 static energy to find its way to Earth.  He says he's just a supercreative schizofranglic, and who is anyone to argue with either of us.

If you'd like to learn more about Xangles visit  Xangles.com