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months before the party i had promised gen that i would become straight for one day -- her birthday. so finally i dressed up in jock clothes and acted tough all night. even gave her my first kiss (to anyone). don't i make a cute straight boy? i think i'll wear more backwards caps=)


this is sarah but i call her pippy. she hates that. she also hates when i sing "this is the song that never ends." i sing it often just to watch her go psycho.


here's jose just after taking a shot of something.

gen & kev. kevin is spectrum's 105% straight guy. he's big, tough, and NOT to be fucked with. i doubt he'd ever actually hurt poor little defenseless squish, but i'm not going to push him far enough to find out...


russ, becca, & kev


me, gen & sam


steve walsh, some girl i don't know, tony, jose, and gen.