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Dec 2007:

squish in horriblly clashing
homestar & plaid-esque shirt

squish, pa, & brother paul (the one
with nonstupid look on his face)

squish & nolan (not gay!)

squish & brother paul
(slightly drunk)



this is a webcam pic of josh rosenthal after he came out of the shower that i made into a CD cover for our infamous forgotten forlorn band.


meet kornflake and steve (now ex's). they are very strange people. kornflake is so happy and colorful that she's the closest you can come to being a cartoon without actually being thought up by disney. she'll cheer you up any day, and there's always a party in her pants. kornflake kicks ass. steve kicks ass too: he can talk just like a ferret... and i can't, no matter how hard i try... i hate steve.


my friends whine that i'm late all the time (i don't see the big problem; i'm very reliable: i'm always exactly 7 minutes late plus or minus 2.3 hours, with a 17.2% chance of no-show), but i have a good excuse (i'm psycho), so i made this MTG card to use instead of having to explain myself.


me kicking back with my first guitar (Blacky) at sunshine's house





here are some webcam pics of becca. impressively artistic for a webcam, don't you think?




Pepe chilling on a frisbee