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Read the introduction below for the main theme of symmetric being, then read any of these eight sections in any order.  Each examines the problem from a different angle.

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Trees & Invert


The following takes a core idea -- that existence is a vast, endless fish tank, created by nothingness tearing itself apart like a fractal from the simple equation z=z2+c, the rule for existence being that life can exist if a perfect inverse is created for every thing, nothingness breaking into infinite sets of two opposites feeding off one another, via the simple perfect mathematical rule that all life feeds off a perfect opposite.  Read the intro to this idea below first, then choose any of the topics to the left to read.  There are 40,320 ways to read this theory (8 factorial), you need only pick one.



Breathe out, so I can breathe you in….
Foo Fighters

Your pain becomes my peace
--Jars of clay

There are many core truths in light outside of the shadows of the Plato's cave that make us re-think the universe we understand when we see them.  One of these, in a phrase, is that cheesecake is murder.  That that the only reason we are conscious or exist feel any emotion or sensory perception or have idea or knowledge, is that we are tearing, ripping, off of something feeling our exact inverse.  Heaven and hell do not exist separately, but necessitate eachother, each feeding and tearing off the other; all joy raping pain, the explanation for the existence of suffering obvious: joy cannot exist with raping it.  All Being is perfectly symmetric and self-sustained, in an eternal spinning equilibrium, the result of what could have remained nothingness instead tearing itself apart into a vast fractal of life created only from this one rule.  I attempt to understand the specifics of how this occurs in a very mathematical way, like understanding your soulmate through the perfection of calculus.

We are entirely surrounded in opposition.  War and peace, love and hate, work and play, crime and punishment, Christ and Anti-Christ.  These do not just happen to haphazardly exist at the same time, but we find each absolutely needs and feeds of the other.  A villian does not build his empire on a remote island.  He tortures and enslaves the people and the hero, and the hero must likewise need the defeat of evil to triumph.  Just to say "war" is to say "peace" as well.  We cannot talk of a holocaust without implying the war to triumph over it and fund the cause of peace.  We cannot say "dictatorship" without implying "a horrid lack of freedom".  To speak of pure intrinsic love is imply, love that we struggle and suffer to find and obtain, subject to its equally tragic destruction.  Romeo and Juliet are cursed with the forbidden they cannot have, and finally when they might have obtained it, must die.  To say nirvana implies a lifelong struggle with the worldly to even have the chance of achieving it.

To exist among this civil war of opposition and not reach the ultimate conclusion that in fact our very consciousnss itself necessitates a perfect inverse behind our backs -- an un-person in a world of orange skies, black clouds, and red grass, who enjoy work and detest TV, who we torture when we fall in love, and who gladly torture us when we suffer depression and death -- is absurd.  It is to be light blue, and look around and find all other colors, dark and light, except for the one keystone to white -- black (or un-white) -- that reveals the perfect symmetry of all we see.

To not go even further, and integrate this theme into all our belief and philosophy, is to be content with our wall shadows and be blind to the only light generating them.  To observe "I exist; I am" should be to also observe the single core conclusion: "I think, therefore something un-thinks," or to reduce this to two words, "I half-think."  Since we have not done this, this truth demands a moderate re-examination of our beliefs.  In this paper I've begun to apply this philosophy to science, math, color (visual sensaton), a fractal-based view of existence, and the main philosphical branches: metaphysics, logic, knowledge, and ethics.  I've carefully constructecd these divisions to be readable in any order with as little redundancy as possible, each augmenting the others, whichever are read.  And as you read, consider there is only a single principle allowing you to do so.