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This page: General squish7 news 2010 onward, sorted new to old, rarely updated.  Other/specific projects may have their own news pages with other or more up-to-date news.  Links on this page and elsewhere on squish7.com are in NON-underlined colored text (not counting stylized coloring like "News").
News Jan 2019

I think I may dedicate the rest of my life to the field some are starting to call XR being a loose umbrella term for the fields of Augmented Reality (AR), Mixed Reality (MR), and Virtual Reality (VR) (click prior to search YouTube for such; I'll have my own material online eventually).  I know my work to date doesn't exactly reek of that direction but it makes a lot of sense if you carefully understood all the factors at hand.  I'm not going to elaborate at length here because this is a rarely-read page, but the bottom line is that I exercise a sort of radical and manic type of creativity for which XR is an epitome breeding grounds.

Unfortunately, I can't really share any of my XR work yet online because it's more in the realm of inventions and patents than the stuff you see to the right, and such can be difficult to protect as IP (intellectual property).  It's easy to share a photo, drawing, poem, thesis, story, song, or video, because these things are immediately protected under copyright the moment they're in a tangible medium (i.e. are recorded or written down).  A method, invention, or process--such as certain XR groundwork I have--is NOT instantly protected, and hence is harder to share online before IP protection is in place (e.g. in the form of a patent).

Check back maybeeeee.... once a year (??) to this news page for more info on my progress assimilating into the XR culture.  In the meantime, there's toooons of random miscellaneous junk of mine to your right to explore!

ews March  2017

Squish7.com was down for a looooong time, sorry!  So were my other sites.  Yucky migration issues.  I've finally moved everything to my new hosting provider (DreamHost).  It just got really convoluted at one point and I got really lazy and put it all off, so things were down for awhile, but most everything's back up.  (The projects I work day-to-day on are offline.  They involve a lot of ideas, methods, or inventions, and just can't be spread around until they have some type of legal protection, and that's haarrrddd!!!)  So check in occasionally, maybe someday you'll log on and I'll have the next best thing to Facebook... Squishbook??

I've finally retired the picture of Pepe that was on the main squish7.com index page forever that I loved.. :-(  But times and technologies are moving onward, e.g. from images to video.  So now you'll always have at least one video on the main page to watch (embedded from my YouTube channel).  Of course the next step from images to video, is video to telepathy, but good luck getting me to go there.  (Wait, I think we missed a step like 3D video or something...)

Music is a very strong part of my life.  I get so distracted with all my various projects I never quite settle down to anything in particular, but remember, I was playing keyboard with 2 hands when I was in a diapers (photo to prove it!).  That was innovation no matter who else was also playing piano with 2 hands at that time.  And I'm always keeping that type of innovation going.  I don't just want to create artworks, I want to change and improve the way things are done.  I want to influence mediums and fields, not just dabble with existing methods.  But such things take extra time to bring out into the real world to you.  So stick with me, whatever I'm doing, you'll eventually be quite impressed.

I suppooose I could safely legally say that one of my biggest projects right now is innovating in the field of augmented reality.  It's the technology of seeing images overlayed reality (as opposed to replacing reality as is the case with virtual reality).  I'm sort of making a mini movie about the ideas/technology I'm developing, and I've written several songs for that movie, so it will all come out eventually.  And with those songs of course should come my teaching of how they're unique and how you can achieve unique things as well.  (Am I getting too infomercial?  I think I sound infomercial...)

Check back occasionally!  And read Frangles!  There hasn't been anything new up on Frangles for awhile but no one reading this has read 1% of Frangles anyway.  Indefinitely, think of Frangles as a fun novel you bought and put on your bookshelf and can take down and read any time you like!  In all capacities (including stories, blurbs, articles, etc), there are about 2 novel's worth of reading-material, so keep digging around frangles.com if you don't think you've discovered anywhere near that much yet.

This update sounds like it needs an ending.

ews 05 / 2016

My most web-updated project right now is my YouTube or G+ channel Squish 7 Rif.

Technically I'm YouTube user "SquishToGo" and G+ user "squish7go" but just think "Squish 7 Rif" for my general music stuff including comedy songs, serious songs, guitar lessons, tutorials, general radical approaches to music and guitar, and music visualization captures of the free music viz program 
MilkDrop for the media player Winamp, particularly of MilkDrop preset authors "Martin" and "Flexi" who's loose permission I have to use their viz's.  Martin's are generally extremely reactive and responsive to beats and rhythm, while Flexi's are more elegant, artsy or texture-based.

Please permanently note that I have a sea of online and offline projects.  Generally the offline projects are a bit more evolved or ongoing, because my creativity level over time has graduated or expanded from artworks (songs, stories, images, videos, etc, which fall within the easy automatic painless protection of U.S. and international copyright law) into endeavors which also include quantifiable concepts, ideas, and methods, falling with patent and trademark laws which are much more expensive and elaborate to protect legally (particularly patents).  In other words, if I (or you or anyone) write a poem, song, or draw or paint a picture (including digitally), our creation is automatically protected by copyright law whether or not we register it with anyone or tell anyone about it (although doing so generally a wonderful idea to provide proof of the creations).  However, if I (or you or anyone) have an idea for an invention, electronic device, board-game, method of architecture, gaming system, etc., I generally have to go through patent law to protect it whatsoever.  Without a patent someone can generally just take/steal my method-based project and do whatever they want with it and there's no protection even if I can prove I came up with all the ideas.  This is a bit of a downer for me because I love to post things and update new things, and with any ideas or methods I have I have to keep them all secret.

Basically I have lots of secret projects that are steadily evolving toward patent protection but nothing in particular on a front burner that can be released any time soon.  These projects are on the scale of years, as some are very big ideas!  I don't want to post a website about an idea for a whole city and then have somebody read it online and build the actual city with no credit or royalties to me.  It almost sounds a bit greedy in a way but it's absolutely no more greedy than writing a novel and wanting to sell it in a bookstore and receive some money for the sales as opposed to giving it out completely for free into the public domain with no legal rights to it.  This is why I talk a lot on certain projects (e.g. descriptions of my YouTube videos) about the importance of things like subscribing, checking back, bookmarking, favoriting, etc!

Right now my YouTube channel Squish 7 Rif (also linked to above) (also see the related Google+ page here) seem to be evolving well, with newer videos you can view right now.  Please pay attention to the heftier descriptions under some the videos which describe the methods behind the videos and what may be upcoming.  Musicians and especially guitarists will want to check back as I explain new (even radical) music or instrument techniques.  "Subscribe and be patient!!" seems to be my current motto on YouTube.

All my latest music involving guitar has been with baritone guitar strings, which are incredibly more powerful a thing than they may sound.  Putting heavier strings on your guitar (be careful; a standard guitar isn't technically built for them, but I've personally had no trouble with it; I can't promise it won't warp your guitar though) allows you to hit notes more in line with a bass-guitar, which don't just give you more range in terms of music theory, but can actually give you more physical power into the end result of the listener's audio system.  Lower notes will pump your music more into the subwoofer range while you can still hit extremely high notes if you use harmonics, letting you dominate the entire EQ spectrum just with your guitar.  When someone drives down the road listening to your guitar music alone and they turn up the bass, they get more "BOOM BOOM BOOM" (to quote a stray scene in Good Will Hunting) pumped into the physical speakers.  Nautrally, this is a big deal if your music is just you and your guitar (and/or your vocals), i.e. if you aren't in a band with a bass guitarist, or aren't using a bass sound on a keyboard/synthesizer (though this is a nice option for a lone guitarist who needs to add more bass to their videos), etc.  Some people listen to my music and like the unique sound (generally, almost none of the music you've ever heard in your life includes a guitarist hitting extra-low bass notes, which comes off much different than a standard guitarist in combination with a bass guitarist) but don't quite know why!  And so I've elaborated on this somewhat in YouTube video descriptions, and have secret partially-completed video lessons and others planned that will continue to explain it all when I finish and post them.  (I'm trying to be as professional as possible and not post you unfinished crap.)

The problem is that I have all these other secret projects too!  I've long given up on dedicating my entire life purely to being a singer-songwriter.  On the whole, just look all around this box (above and to the right) for a sample of the spectrum of my creativity.  Now imagine it's all doubled.  That's what would be online if I didn't have to worry about patent law.  So take what you get (for now!).  Fortunately for you, you haven't explored a significant fraction of what I already have up, especially on non-squish7.com domains.  For instance, Writer's Bricks (click here for page one then hit "Next" at the bottom of each page to read the most up-to-date ordering of the segments) is now organized in the rough equivalent of a full novel readable from beginning to end.  (Writer's Bricks and Frangles prose in general on the whole are fun humorous fiction, free indefinitely to read, somewhat akin to the humor style of Douglas Adams' Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy).  Other than Writer's Bricks, Frangles.com in general has at least another novels' worth of humorous writing in it, and of course it's just a fun place, so go jump in.  Also see SkipFron.net which is a place set up where you can crudely experiment with the Writer's Bricks nonlinear humor style (or just read it in a different manner).  For now, on SkipFron to write your own material you can click "admin" at the top of the site and log in with the password "test".  Don't worry too much about messing the place up, it's all backed up!  There will someday be specific user accounts and a better system for you to write stories and interact with other writers/readers of nonlinear fiction.

My head is a multiverse and I'm always striving to get more of it out to you.  I don't know why you're here, but if you got to this page from any of my material that you found interesting or liked for whatever reason, you probably want to stay tuned for a good decade to see what's coming.  A good rule of thumb is to check squish7.com/news (the page you're reading) about once a year, because that's about how often it's updated!

News 08 / 2015

This month I've posted 12 new videos on my YouTube channel, bout half the number I've previously posted in the whole 6-7 year history of the channel, creating a continuing suspense of what the hell will pop up when, just like I've been saying for eons.  Just SUBSCRIBE and be patient!!  These are all videos putting my music to MilkDrop visualizations I essentially have permission to utilize.  All the visualizations are by MilkDrop author "Martin" (sometimes lowercase: "martin").  MilkDrop is a free plug-in for the media player Winamp.  (Install Winamp to get MilkDrop for free.)

Actually, 9 of the videos are the same audio song ("Run Earth"), but it's really, really, catchy, so if you're ever going to listen to the song 9 times (you might want to right now!), you can watch it a different way each time.  Actually, if you install Winamp/MilkDrop you can view it a million new ways, as the visualizations are always pumping out unique visuals to the music you listen to, in real-time.  I have my own lofty ideas for music visualizations, but alas, they're patentable, and anything patentable is legally required to be locked in the pits of the 7th circle of Pentagon hell, or it's automatically voided as potential intellectual property.  Yes, I must just let them all out for free eventually, but I have to at least try!  Please send me all your free-lawyer information!

Be sure to check out my 45-minute ambient video "Parkour Heaven".  It's a complex layering of my 2-min song "Space Dolphins" (available on iTunes under the artist name "Squish") to a Mandelbox viz by Martin.  Ambient music is atmospheric music, often lengthly, focusing on mood rather than having a specific structure.  It's not like a 45-min album, but rather something to daze off into indefinitely.  (You can also cheat and click forward and back at random!  Check out 40:00 to 41:00 min, it has a nice climactic effect where you really feel the song rolling into itself.)  This is my very first ambience try.  I initially wanted to feature Martin's Mandelbox viz by looping the song indefinitely, but when I loaded it into Audacity (common powerful free audio editing software) to loop my song, I figured, why not loop it just a little differently each time?  And then, I figured, why not loop it over itself a whole lot in different ways, so then I just kept copy-and-pasting the 2-min piece a zillion times until it finally formed an immersive feel that complimented Martin's Mandelbox viz, as the viz explores the Mandelbox forever, always drawing out more maze and never going to the same place twice.  Check the video description for more info!

To recap from previous news, note that my YouTube channel and Google+ page (don't do much with that yet) are called "Squish 7 Rif" (you are REQUIRED to have the same name for both!), although the YouTube username is still technically "SquishToGo" and G+ is "squish7go".  Sorry if you're confused.  Just remember you can type intuitive things after squish7.com like squish7.com/youtube or squish7.com/g+ and these will redirect you to the proper webpages.  (Do note that any name-change of any kind can be tricky.)  Actually, I'm not really trying to change my stage-name, as "Rif" has always been my serious musical side and "Squish" my comedy music, but I performed more comedy stuff early on and never developed the name "Rif" too much per se.  Now I'm doing too much music and inventing too many musical concepts to keep lumping everything under my humor stage/pen name.  Hence my channel is "Squish 7 Rif".  At times I may post a song by "Rif", or a song by "Squish", these are both me!

Please remember this page (squish7.com/news) isn't updated a whole lot.  Much more frequently-updated is Frangles.com/UP.  You can check there now for everything you've missed since my last post on this page in February!

ews 02 / 2015

I forgot how accessible (translation: purchasable!) my earlier music (first album) is online.  If you'd like to download my music for about $1 per song or $11 for my full first album, visit:
You can preview 30 second clips of every song!
You can also preview some songs (and view full lyrics) of some of the CD's tracks by clicking albums to your right, but you can't buy anything directly on squish7.com. (You may also click "BUY ONLINE HERE" under albums to the right to get to the CDbaby page linked to above.)

And I'm on iTunes!  Just search the iTunes store for "Squish" and I'm the the big yellow happy face that comes up under "Albums".  (There is another band named "Squish" with a squishy insect on the album cover, this is not me.)

Remember I have lots of various identities.  The name "Squish" alone--with no modifiers, no SEO, no numbers, no extra letters, no [dear God I can't even begin to hone an appropriate rant harvesting the humor possibilities from my sea of personas and aliases; you do this if you want and pretend I inserted them here], no hidden magical forests of code that send you directly to the pits of hell if you haven't heavily invested your finances in my future and my continent of miscellaneous projects (mainly the projects under the "EXTERNAL" list to your right with the colorful logos)--is foremost my general comedy stage name.  Now the mot we've all been waiting for since the start of the last sentence (i.e. the last sentence pruned down to an actually readable form.)  
The name "Squish" alone is foremost my general comedy stage name.

You may soon see some videos named/renamed on my YouTube page to include just "by Squish" or "Squish - Song Title".  These are songs that are more plainly comedy than serious songs.  The ones titled "Rif" will be my more serious music and general video artwork.  This is why the channel name is "Squish 7 Rif" (capitalization and spacing may vary!): the "7" is meant to resemble a slash akin to "Squish / Rif", meaning a channel on which I will post both my comedy videos and more serious or just plainly musical things (guitar lessons, etc.). Click on squish7Rif to the right for more, including subtle notes on alias variations and URLs.

News 01 / 2015

I am now officially "Squish 7 Rif" on
YouTube and Google+ though the usernames/URLs are inconsistent.  This means I will appear and post as "Squish 7 Rif" on YouTube and Google+ but your address bar will read "SquishToGo" or "Squish7Go".  If all else fails, use these shortcut URLs that will bring you where you need to go:
or just visit squish7.com (where you are now) and click around to the left or right.  Keep in mind by "left" I mean the left side of the box of links to the right, and not to the left of this text box, because absolutely nothing is out there at all, and you'd be clicking for quite awhile to no avail.  If you want to be more confused about "Squish 7 Rif", click "squish7Rif" to the right (of this text box!)

If you actually want to know what I'm planning to post as Squish 7 Rif, you're in luck, because I will eventually tell you.

OK, fine.  No wait, I'm tired, I need sleep.......
ALRIGHT, fine.  No!! I'm really tired. 'Night for now folks!
Check back!  Check back!  Check back.......................

News 05 / 2014

Over 2 years since my last news post here.  That tells you how updated Squish7.com is!  (If I get up to 7 years without an update the site will finally have earned it's name!)

You could almost say the bulk of the material marked INTERNAL is a decade old (not EXTERNAL, that's newer) with just minor updates over the years, but as I look through it, I realize a lot is just timeless.  Thumb through it if you like, but don't expect anything new here in the next decade!  I particularly tabled my comedy music/albums about 5 years ago when I realized I'm not competent enough with schedules to make gigs and open mics all the time.  That's when I started getting serious about my writing,
 Frangles (Douglas Adams style humor in a radical nonlinear reading format), and immersive online worlds to explore like Blorkk and Xangles.

Things I'm up to RIGHT NOW
A) A screenplay to bring the sport of freerunning and the art/discipline of parkour into you know what, I am so tired of ranting about my involved projects in endless rants to endless people, I just don't have the energy here!
B) Stuff I don't have the energy to list (see A for explanation).

However!!  Here's a list of things that are more updated and/or that will take you forever to get through as they are now:

News for my humorous "fractal nonlinear" writing, Frangles (frangles.com).  It does go long periods without being updated as it's partially based on standard novel writing (such can obviously go years without being published), but nowhere near as bad as here.  There are about 2 novels worth of polished prose bricks up (semi-standalone story fragments that can be used in combination to form larger stories), and I doubt anyone has read half of them, so there's always something to go back to at Frangles!

Check in year to year rather than month to month (YouTube works this way for a lot of people), or just subscribe so you know when something's updated!  You never know what's going to be posted, but at least it's an ongoing project.  (Last post is a month ago, a semi-improvised original song in development.

Blorkk.com (two K's!)
The second known universe is pretty vast.  If you're bored you can explore this quite a bit.  It's a long-term work in progress but you'd really have to thoroughly explore it to care whether something new is posted.  (Anything new will be posted at

Here's some relatively recebt 
fractal imagery in the form of free wallpaper (a more elegant side of me.)  I actually had an involved e-commerce site developed to sell my fractal imagery but it's tabled for the moment.  The site was developed primarily by Media3.

Honestly the newest stuff I'm up to is almost entirely off the grid.  I'm not sure if I'll publish any part of my screenplay before it starts to become a serious reality, and I have inventions I can't even TALK about because the tiniest disclosure puts the potential patents at risk under US and UK patent law.  Just silly.  Things you write and draw are copyrighted the moment they're down on paper (under US law anyway), but things that DO things require years of tedious development before you can release anything without essentially throwing it out into the public domain.

Check back here in a few years if you want a fresh update (or maybe I'll just update the date on this entry constantly, mwuhaha!)

News 02 / 2012

I've improved my one-year news gap by one month, bringing my last update bringing me here, 11 months after it, if that made any sense.  Again, it's now one year minus one month since the last update, NOT just minus one month, because that would be going back in time.  I could rant this nonsensical sh** forever, due to I have the style down by now from writing 50 billion pages of Frangles updates (or maybe Chip does that; you never know).  But, we'll let you off the hook, as you certainly have earned it by reading frangles.com/UP for so long.  Oh wait, you never have.  Might want to give it a try, because it's updated weekly or daily, while this page is updated, well, monthly, technically, now, though still just short of yearly.

Alright ok ok ok.  One paragraph.  Things I'm up to:  I'm turning more jock.  My apartment's messier than ever.  My life is messier than ever.  Except for everything I do, that's not messy at all, it's quite organized, though the organization is messier than ever.  I play the same 3 !@#$ing songs over and over and over and never get them right.  I'm planning some BIG stuff on YouTube.  I'm planning some KILLER stories on Frangles.  I'm NOT planning some NASTY ass pornography business that you would never know about if I was because it's so easy to keep domains private nowadays.  I'm not sure who my best friend is anymore.  I'm breaking every bone in my body learning parkour and I haven't even brought it from my futon mattress to the cement yet.  And, what else... well, I can't think of much except whatever I'll come back and put here whenever I feel guilty I left someone or something out.

News 03 / 2011

No, it's not a typo, it's been an entire 12 months since my last update.  Ironically, I update lots of other things to death; in fact we have so many news/updates pages or areas that it's hard to keep up with them.  Yes, my own homepage seems a priority, but I think after all this time my narcisissmissm has finally caught up with me, and I just don't give a damn about myself anymore!  I know it's ironic, but I'm honsetly getting sick of myself... I can't even say my name without feeling like I'm shoving a flyer into someone's face.  Maybe you were never into me anyway and the truth finally caught up with me (small tear).

Even now I don't have time for an essay, but I'll give you an absolute nutshell:  I'm doing lots of stuff.  More specifically, I'm doing musical stuff, and comedy stuff.  More specifically, I'm working on "radical genius blah blah !@#$ing blah" guitar techniques to expand the acoustic guitar in new directions (take on more drum, base, and electric guitar elements), and "radical genius blah blah !@#$ing blah" other stuff that's all explained all over the place, so if you want anything more specific than that, just go straight to the source--err, I mean, as far away from the source as possible, and just remember it's me doing a lot of the updating and posting with the "radical blah@#%@$#" projects I hype to death.

ews 03 / 2010

So my homepage is back after eons of meaningless sacrifice to the evil SEO needs of XFBS7 (The Xangles- Frangles- Blorkk- Squish7- conglomerate).  Apparently having ingenius art that surpasses all the artistic mediums of all the existences of blah blah blah blah doesn't translate into actual website hits, so they figured why not throw up a site map on my main page and minimize my own stuff to a little itsy box at the top of the page.  When I signed up for all this I didn't quite catch the fine print, "relinquishes all attatchments to property and eternal soul".  But anyway, it's all back, everything that's always been here, except for three (precisely three) major changes:  1. The Squish7.com main logo to the upper left is now white text on black rather than black text on white.  2. Everything's arranged in slightly different places, except the bulk of the material which is exactly where it always was.  3. There's an annoying little text box that I only stuck there for lack of anything else to do with the space.  4. There's a numerical inconsistency in one of the paragraphs on this page.

I pretty much rambled ad nauseum last month about everything going on with me, so you can basically just parse that for anything at all relevent or informative.  Suffice to say the majority of my time nowadays is spent writing for Frangles, and obsessively practicing acoustic youtube covers.  Please oh pleeease email me some lesson requests at youtube (at) squish7 (dot) com so I have something else to do besides bonk pop rhythms in morse code on my head with my guitar Tranq! =)  (You can email me normally at my name (that's Squish) followed by an 'at' symbol (i.e. @) and then the name of this domain (squish7.com). [SEO bots stink]) =(

Oh, we'll be starting up Lexington ultimate frisbee pickup (MA) pretty soon (year 13, wow), so if you're in Mass and like running around come join in on the fun.  Guess that's it.  Remember you can follow my most active day-to-day stuff on: frangles.com/updates

News 02 / 2010

Preface Note: THIS IS THE EARLIEST SURVIVING SQUISH7 NEWS UPDATE, others have been deleted; the Frangles updates page frangles.com/up goes back even earlier to early 2009.


It's been about (over, actually <hide>) four months since my last Squish7 news update.  I say "Squish7" update because I've been very active and hard at work on Frangles, a fresh, bold new innovate fractal nonline!@#$%!!I CAN'T TAKE IT ANY MORE GOD@#$INGDAMMIT Can I say dammit?  My Frangles pals aren't watching, are they?  Mwuhaha!  Dammit to hell and fuck you all!  Fuck Frangles, fuck boston, and fuck Scituate!  I know, that's not very Squishy language, and I'm probably already fired, but remember, as a comedian I've always been about balance between ki ddie-friendliness and obscenity.  The obscenity always sold like forty billion times better, but as a decent human being as well as one with a growing general audience (approaching five now, up from four from last year) for my lovely youtube videos and guitar lessons of all ages (not the guitar lessons, the fans), I'm afraid that my Abercrombie & Fitch / Bestiality webpage may be the crudest I may ever get to be in this lifetime.  (Unless, of course, I'm living several lifetimes simultaneously, and how the hell would you know if I was.  Figure that one out.)  You can consider the relationship between my kiddie-friendliness to public crudeness the ratio between the dolphin-huggy film Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy and the deleted scene where Arthur, Ford, and Zaphod break through the door with Marvin's arm and scream, "DO PANIC, MOTHERFUCKERS".  Maybe that's me behind the scenes of Frangles, which seems to saturate my life now.  Or at least my free time.  which brings me to another point, what the hell am I doing now, anyway?

Well, for starters, I have a friendly little parakeet next door who goes "CHEERP!" every few seconds from 6am to 10 at night that's doing wonders for my aspiring career as a live-at-home novelist.  No, really, because it's so annoying that the annoyingness bends right back around infinity and lands back at friendly entertainment, for the monsterous irony of landing not just in a cliche annoying-bird-out-the-window novelist setting but cliche above and beyond imaginable even for this cliche setting, is so extraordinary that the sheer irony of it lands the bird back at friendly gain, as if it's chirping "Infinite literary irony... CHEERP... Infinite literary irony... CHEERP!" which is, as I said, quite inspiring as an aspiring novelist.  Hence I hold to my initial claim of a friendly... CHEERP... parakeet next door.

K, what else... well, what NOT else I should say, as four months is quite a long time in the life of a schizophrenic bipolar manic depressewhatever whateverwhatever for whom even a simple walk by a rose brings me back to all the billions of past lifetimes I spent as a rose, good or bad...  or tragic... or extatic... or nightmarish... (Err, how can a lifetime as a rose be nightmarish?  Maybe if you're a rose on the sidewalk of a satanic goth bathhouse in a side alley in the ghetto..??  Unless you're a black rose, in which case you'd be pretty appropriate... except for the basic fact of you being ANY kind of flower at all, in which case you'd probably do better as a flower in a greenhouse or florist's mall stand, where the comment "How ironic, a black rose amongst such color" would probably be above the comment "How ironic, a rose in the middle of our fucking ghetto/goth/bathhouse club" in desirability.  Where was this going again??  Oh yah, right, my ADHD meds are better than everlong song I'm working on, one of my favorite songs ever written called "Foo Fighters", or was that the band and "Everlong" was the song; I don't know seeing how I've developed dyslexia, anorexia, anasthlexia, computer vision syndrome, pigment dispersion syndrome, factual relation upheaval syndrome, asphyxiationia, irritible bowel syndrome, hemmroids, amnesia, dementia, alzheimers, cataracts, paraplegia..  (Or at least a couple of those, anyway (if any).  I'll let you decide which.  (Turning old stinks.  Nutsy people like me usually have shorter lifespans than your average person so at 30 I'm probably half way to death, which means it's just closer and closer from here.  Not too bad if you incorporate Xeno's paradox actually, or a higher dimensional escape to Emerald City when the heat death of the universe rolls around...wait am I in a fucking TRIPLE parenthetical (Ok that was either contrived for comedic shock value or my ADHD is just really that bad, i'm bad, really really bad... oh yah I was really sad at Michael Jackson's death but that's really more an issue for outside this now-QUADRUPLE fucking comedic parenth--)))).  (There we go.  And I'll be damned if any ADHDer can backtrack--err, I mean scroll back--as well as THAT's a damn big fly in the corner of my UGHGH where's my ritalin!?  I killed too many people this week they won't let me have it back) =(

Well, I don't know how long I have before my anti-ritalin pills kick in for the night, so why don't I just get toZZZZzzzzZzZZZzHUNG?  Where the--oh... --to the important stuff and then ramble about the details you don't give a shit about later if there's time, like a news article (unless I throw in some crucial tidbit of info that changes everything I said before, like NOT.)  So let's start with my wait I'm hungry, no, like really, hold on a sec...............K, back, now <grumble, mrumble> whre wshaz Ish?  Holdsh on...Ok, done.  SO, let's start with my job, career, friends, family, health, finances, boyfriends, girlfriends, goals, and--oh wait, I don't have any of those!  Except for family.  Oh, and super hi-def 720p disability-funded apartment plasma walls.  I'm like yay!  Doesn't 720p look cool!  And people online (I don't have any friends left, <tear>) are like: "ROFL, 720p; we already past 1080p, didn't even stop for 5120p, went straight into the five-digit-ps, and now we're looking to invest in a couple q's and r's."  Which is of course great if you can manage to get that far, because then you can study philosophy textbooks on your plasma billboards and can ascend from digital entertainment to pure logical imagination.  (The variables p, q, and r are used to designate certain propositions in augmentive propositional asserrific logic or something like that, I can't remember; they kicked me out of Philosophy 101 in college for suggesting that the suggestion that the class didn't exist was just plain bullshit reasoning.)

Which brings me (having traveled a totally non sequitur train of thought) to my site, (because I've written some philosophy on my site, and of course mentioning anything that has anything to do with anything on my site segweys straight dead into the topic of how my site is coming along, right?  Are we still on the philosophy rant?)--or lack thereof, just like my job, career, friends, family, health, finances, boyfriends, girlfriends, goals, and--oh wait, I don't have any of those!  Except for family.  Oh, and super hi-def wheeee space-time loopy loop recursive loopy oh dear he's finally lost it (again again again wheee).

SITE.  Okay.  Well, the thing with Frangles (a new fresh fractal nonlinr@#RRDMUTHERFU##) is there's this whole mystery thing around who writes it (or is procrastinating writing it (<cough>, Kyle, <cough>).  Right now I'm Frangles' main known potential writer (or "friter", as part of the Frangles word is coining a whole bunch of random shit synonyms that start with "fr" to make everything all creative), and I say "potential" in that the whole mystery thing is so ineffably complex that you don't even know whether I'M really a friter or not.  We put out all these possibilities, like for instance, maybe an alien publishing company from Pluto hired me to pretend to be the "only known friter" when in fact I'm not EVEN a friter at all.  So you can take that and let fly your imaginations with all other fathomable possibilities (like a country of Xanglianists who plan to use Frangles as their gateway into world Xanglic domination, like in The Faculty, except with a low-hit website in place of an obscure high school).

Which brings me to MY site.  Yes MY site.  I HAVE one.  My OOOOOWWN goddamn site.  Mine.  My own.  My preccdisiosuss...  Otherwise known as Squish7.com.  (My [boss / alien friends / skynet AI network / whoever] suggest that "Squish7" could actually be an alternate name for Frangles, because Frangles prose lines up in axes of 7.  (Seven pages by seven chapters by seven novellas by and now I'm just plugging again; how did we get off me and get into Frangles again?), but you can't have it godammyou.)  And what do I have to say about MY site now that we're talking about it?  Well, basically that I haven't had much time for it lately due to other unnamed and anonymous obligations that you can pretty much guess given the information that I don't have much of a job/career/life/etc and have already ranted about Frangles about seven billion times already using my fraudulant hatred of as a brilliant subliminal advertisement because why WOULDN'T I want you to get into the freshest and newest most bestest fractalnonlinesrf#@FSDD<*slit wrists*>

Alright, no, seriously.  You want to know where my online efforts and stuff are at (clearly since you're reading this online and likely don't know me personally or you wouldn't bother reading this 50-page thesis to find out), so here goes.  The most thorough nutshell I can give you is this.  Over the years since my very first site (when squish7.com was squishfordummies.com), my ADHD--in hindsight--has basically translated to online material/artwork/etcetc.  I start domains like they're construction paper drawings and would love to develop them but just don't have the time to work on them all.  I feel I could take any online project I start and spend the rest of my life developing it and making it a big deal.  (I WOULD say "then there's all the other real life artistic ambitions I have too" right here, but strangely, I think most anything I do in life translates to real life as well as online life; I can do guitar teaching on or offline, or songwriting, or ultimate frisbee reform, or book writing, etc.)  So what you see me doing currently is just a whole bunch of random shit basically.  Without a brain chip to exponentiate my creative output, you can only do so much in life.  (Maybe they'll design one before I die, who knows, but I'm not planning on it).  So what's left is what to focus on.  At a rough ballpark, I'd d like to deal with guitar teaching, novel writing, and ultimate frisbee reform, however the hell I'm going to do that.  (I have a radical view of ultimate frisbee strategy that the world hates me for but I think it's like an Einstein-vs-quantum physics thing and who are you to say otherwise until you've heard me rant for a few hours about the matter.  The trouble is how exactly to DO that, but again, artistic efforts extent to real life as well as online nowadays, and I think I have a good shot at combining the two to get my theories out there.)

Given my ADHD etc etc etc, god knows I'll probably change my mandate a dozen times--or I should say tweak my mandate, since I can't really imagine runing off to study penguins in Antartica and give up guitar and frisbee and Frangles--but where was I going?  The projector's off my eyes were starting to hurt.  Oh well, we'll do the rest of this blind, as I'm too tired to go back and edit anything and my eyes hurt all the time anyway so I don't spend meticulous time editing any more.

Yah, that's another big thing, I'm going fucking BLIND.  Serves me right for staring at a monitor for 25 hours a day with a diet devoid of vegetables and UV protection.  I might start a major webpage devoted to all my eye problems and solutions I've come up with, but I can't even begin to dive into all that now as it's waaay too much to get into.
    Am I still typing in a text box?  Good.
    (Not that I can tell)
    Where were we?  Right, online stuff, and what I'm doing and will be doing and what to look out for.  First and foremost, you can keep up to date with me day to day right now by checking the Frangles updates page where often post what I'm doing there (as well as do others who mot or mot not exist or be real at all).  Really, I mean even the whole Xangles / Frangles / Blorkk stuff goes long periods without being edited, so I suppose from one point of view ALL of this stuff--i.e. my site and everything I link to or am a part of--could just be plain ol' me, since it is all updated at a rate that might seem consistent with a bum jobless artist, but of course there are a hundred other points of view as well.  From one point of view (the opposite extreme, sort of), the ideas and concepts of all this stuff I'm connected to are massive enough where many, many people could be involved or were needed to collaborate and think this stuff up.  If I do say so myself I'd have to be very, very prolific to be doing all this stuff myself (my html and graphics styles to tend to litter the whole Xangles / Frangles / Blorkk / etc / etc domain slew), and in that area I'll let you judge for yourself from my past and from my character (and hospitalization list) whether you think this stuff could all be me or not (and to what extent you estimate my lack of career and social skills to be able to update ten domains at a full-time, or over-time even, rate).

    Are we on a new paragraph yet?  I think I left some kale burning...  Ah!  AAlmost 6am, here comes the parakeet (*puts on earmuffs*)

Well, I think I'll leave you off at "important stuff" and Skip the "unnecessary details" for now, and just tell you to check the Frangles Updates page for the day-to-day news involving the stuff I'm working on (I'm currently working on a lengthy book called Writer's Bricks; and let you viciously hit refresh on all my other domains I've started or am involved with, etc.  In fact it's a pain even to keep indexes and glossaries on multiple sites, so just check there if you want an up-to-date.  NEWS OF ANYTHING I'M INVOLVED IN WILL BE POSTED THERE--Squish7 or anywhere else--if any updates are made ANYWHERE.  From one "frangle" as they say, the entire freaking internet is a subproduct of Frangles, so one might easily adopt the point of view that Frangles is the main title/franchise whatever which all this other stuff falls under (for instance, Xangles could be a "Frangles saga", instead of Frangles being a "Xangles saga" as it's called now, and Squish7 could be a "Xangles project" instead of a "related domain", etc etc).  So, it can make perfect sense to list updates for all this stuff on one updates page.  An update listing something new in Blorkk posted this or that week can be akin to the Wachowski Brothers (creators/directors of The Matrix) announcing a new Matrix-based comic that will be released that such-and-such person may or may not care about or be following.

So, I suppose I've hyped that enough; I just want to make it very clear when you surf around to all my stuff and/or the stuff I'm involved in (this wording is getting tedious) that if it all seems unupdated and stuff, that's just because there's so MUCH of it that I can only focus on one thing at once.  Just writing a BOOK is a full time job, nevermind all this xanglically / blorkkan / squish7 bio / A&F Bestiality / eclectic youtubing / fractal nonlinear frisbee blah blah blah blah, so when allll that just sits in a rut, know that I'm working my butt of at SOMETHING, and right now it's Writer's Bricks, a novel of Frangles, a FRESH FRACTAL NONLINEAR FREE ONLINE NOVEL NONSENSE SAGA!  (I did it!  Whee).

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OK now here's where I start typing in random crap because I only put this little text box here to fill up the space, and of course Google doesn't like redundant material, so the moral is it's always safe to ramble incessenttlty(sp?) than to risk lowering your SE hits!