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Suggestion for Mars One: Establish Mars as an independent country early!

I threw the following together in a contact text box for the Mars One project (after watching Kubrik's 2001: A Space Odyssey for the first time in full).  I liked it too much not to do something a little more with it; I just threw it up here.  Not an active project of mine or anything...

Living on the east coast of the United States in New England, I have concerns about the danger and power of the human desire for independence on a mission like yours.  It wasn't a haphazard quirk of history that caused us to declare our independence, and hence initiate war.  It wasn't the weather of time or some odd ruler's whim.  It was the pure distance: an entire ocean between new and old settlements, which naturally--and in retrospect we might even say predictably--resulted in a need for independence.

I wonder if it's too early to prepare against the far-future possibility of disharmony or even war between the countries and Earth and Mars colonies, at the very dawn of Mars civilization.

I don't find the search terms "politics" or "history" on your website.  Maybe this is an area you can work on.  You allude to the general value of colonizing Mars; I think a great step would be preparing for the natural psychology tendency for independence.  If it's predicted ahead of time, perhaps we can just skip the whole war/conflict part and figure everything out ahead of time.

Here is my core suggestion: Why don't you prepare for the axiom that the more Mars is colonized, the greater the desire for independence will be, by planning to declare Mars as an INDEPENDENT COUNTRY as soon as the population is enough to constitute such?  A STRICT Mars Independecy Constitution ("MIC" maybe, like alluding to a microphone!) pushed through the tested lawmaking processes of all major countries involved and in international law, could avoid future stresses and even the far-off possibility of actual battles and human casualties.

Actually fleshing out these harsh realities may help give your project proposals more realness.  People will sense the truth in what you're outlining and begin to see the types of directions such a project may really be heading in.

The possibility of war between machines and man long-portrayed in science fiction has not deterred us from inventing faster and smarter computers, however fictional war between Earth and Mars (e.g. a point in Babylon 5 where Mars declares its independence from Earth in a time of civil war) is a lesson from science fiction that could be prepared for and avoided.

(FYI, I watched Kubrik's 2001 in full tonight for the first time, maybe this has something to do with my thoughts!)

You can let me know your thoughts, but this stands as a general permanent suggestion for your project.  If you'd like to toss it around easily, I just threw the contents on this box in a quick page on my website.  Don't mean to promote my site, I just threw it in a basic template I use.  After writing all this, I figure I'd "publish" it a little bit further than just this text box!

This rant on a URL > squish7.com/mars

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