squish7 / laughs


Wed Nov 10 14:51:00 1999
From: John Herbert Lisle
>Favorite Type of Music: Heavy metal, Industrial, hardcore metal, trash
  metal, death metal, black metal.
>Favorite Food: nice and bloody meat 
>How do you characterize yourself:Dark, evil, mean, 80's metalhead, shy, is
  a nice silly side he doesn't let out ofter, oh yeah also depressed 

Wed Nov 10 14:51:53 1999
From: Reverend David A Reynolds
>>Shampoo or conditioner: whatever my room-mates/ siblings/ parents/ 
   friends left in the bathroom
>>Hobbies:  computer games, hanging out with chicks, listening to music, 
   hanging out with chicks, reading, reading about chicks, hanging out with 
   chicks, thinking about chicks, talking about hanging out with chicks, 
   hanging out with chicks, chicks, chicks, chicks, chicks, chicks!  and 
   learning to play various instruments(piano and guitar lately)
>>Type of Car u drive now: borrowed or stolen(depending on what's handy)
>>Toothpaste: see answer for shampoo
>>Do you get along with your parents?: as long as they don't ask too 
   many questions, we don't have any problems.  
>>Favorite Sport to watch: women's beach volleyball

Wed Nov 10 14:52:03 1999
From: Josh Rosenthal
Shampoo or conditioner:  Clairol Herbal Essences shampoo and conditioner
  leave my hair silky smooth.
Pets?:  Two cats.  One is a cute fatass and the other is a psycho.

Wed Nov 10 14:52:14 1999
From: Nauf
Favorite Salad Dressing: Anything that doesn't taste like glue
Shampoo or conditioner: Two in one! Lather. Rinse. Repeat. Repeat. REPEAT...
Favorite color: All of them. I won't be accused of discriminating between
  colors... favoritism, bah! Red is just as good as green - greeeeeeeen. And
  black is a nice complement to blue and purple.
Best on-line friends: None. Anymore. Especially after this survey.
Pets?: Four birds, two tanks of fish, I want a ferret.
Most humiliating moment: Heh heh... the other day I ran out of class
  screaming thanks to that lesbian dominatrix who STILL THINKS I'm whatever
  the heck she usually looks for in a person for a 'relationship.' Then I
  also got blown over by the wind on Wednesday. How about the time I was
  blasted and jumped from a 2nd story window naked into snow drifts? Or oh I
  know, I keep hearing things wrong when rooms echo and I... oh, never mind.
  (Heh in a loud room "Hancock"  sounds like "handcuffs" and "tongs"  sound
  like "tongue.") Gee, this section could go on forever.... Leave it at
  things happen to me, so, 'nuff said. Oh, this counts too.

Wed Nov 10 14:52:33 1999
From: "John A. Kramer"
> Nicknames: JAK, Master of the Universe(self proclaimed)
> Shampoo or conditioner:  Head and Shoulders(2 in 1)-anyone who uses
   separate shampoos and conditioners is a fool!
> Pets?:  Fruit flies, bacteria...and there is this cat I see every once
   in a while...I don't think it's mine, though you never know with these
> How do you characterize yourself:  I'm a starnge litle guy who grunts
   every once in a while, does some work, and mills about talking to people
   and to himself with utter a sort of distended interest.  I like to think
   of myself as a fairly tolerant person...peace...love...whatever...drugs,
   sex, and rock and roll...we all have dreams...as our good friends Dirk
   Diggler said, "I'm going to be a star...a big bright, shining star." What
   this has to do with me, you may ask?  I have no idea...Anyway, I often get
   pissed off at all the stupid people in the world(and there are a lot of
   them...oh yes...) and all the ignorance...I wish I could just buy an
   island somewhere...
> Most humiliating moment:  Every second of every day....

Wed Nov 10 14:52:42 1999
From: Chris Nuss
>Words or phrases you overuse: I'm sure there are a bunch but I don't 
  think any of the ones I think I overuse are worth writing down.  Oh
  I use ":)" a lot. :)
>Most humiliating moment: I have a good amount but I can't say which
  is most humiliating.  Yes some involve alcohol and another involves
  a certain fifth grade camping trip...but that was too long ago...
>Say one nice thing about the person who sent this to you:
  He is someone that can be nice at least 50% of the time and is someone
  who can spell my name right at least 50% of the time. 

Wed Nov 10 14:52:50 1999
From: squish
Do u make fun of people: just joe.  he laughs but i know i'm really
  tearing him completely apart inside.  that's the fun of it.
Have You ever been convicted of a crime?: um... ah... NO, ah-- why do you
  THEY'RE ONTO US!  Stash the bodies in the attic under the loose boards
  and for god's sake remember the cocaine this time!
Pets?: a dog named shadow, a stuffed toad named sparky, and a small spider
  in the corner of my room named Marge
Dream Car: stealth bomber
Words or phrases you overuse: "the", "a", "what", "yes", "no", "i need
  sleep", "don't worry about it", "gimee fuel gimee fire gimee that which
  i desire, ooooh!  yeah-heah," "what was your name again?", "where are we
  going?", "Pepe!  Look out for that bus!" (yes i still use this
  constantly), "where'd my pick go?", "where'd my guitar go?", "where'd
  my pants go?", "i'm not hungry," "let's go eat," "people are
  boring," "the world needs a sense of humor," and of course, "sure, why
  the hell not, you already screwed it up once before why don't i just LET
  you do it again... no- NO, Ben, i think YOU'RE the one with problem --
  HEY, i'm not the one who got us arrested in harvard square for indescent
  exposure you asshole -- just shut up.  I'm not talking to you -- Fine,
  you do that, I'm going home."
Most Romantic thing that ever happened to you: candlelight dinner with marge
How do you characterize yourself: squishy
Do you get along with your parents?: now that i've killed them, yes.
Most humiliating moment: middle school
Loudest person u know: my dog
What do u look for in the opposite sex: rich, high level FBI access,  

Wed Nov 10 14:53:09 1999
From: john doe
>Shampoo or conditioner: typically i like my shampoo moleculary bonded 
  with my conditioner.
>Do u make fun of people: constantly, but im trying to cut down.
>One pillow or two?: usually one but if i get lonely two.
>Pets?: a dog named sarah, i dumb cat that i will hit with my car one 
  day, and the microscopic dust mites crawling on my body as we speak (id 
  give you their names but it wuld eat all my hard drive space.
>How do you characterize yourself: pretty fabulous (or fantabulous)
>Favorite Perfume/Cologne: normaly i just rub my feet all over myself 
  but otherwise anything ralph lauren.
>Favorite Subject in school: anyone that i can sleep through and pass.
>Favorite Sport to watch: probaly drag racing (and no i dont mean when 
  squish puts on a dress and runs with his friends)
  [note: he said this BEFORE he knew I was gay.  Actually, he still doesn't
   know.  I should probably tell him]
>Most humiliating moment: mr. fabulous doesn't have humiliating 
  moments! (wait a second did i just send this e-mail to my friends!!!! 
>Say one nice thing about the person who sent you this: he doesn't 
  spontaneously take his clothes off and sing showtunes in public.

Wed Nov 10 14:53:22 1999
From: Beverly Park
Shampoo or conditioner: why? am I flaking again?
Do u make fun of people: no.  people make enough fun of  themselves without 
  my help
Favorite color: obtuse
Have You ever been convicted of a crime?under the definition of convicted as 
  defined in the .... oops wrong trial
Best on-line friends: my friends aren't on anything!! are you?
Dream Car: runs on salt water
Type of Car u drive now: runs on fossil fuel
Most Romantic thing that ever happened to you:once upon a time i lived in a 
  castle with a wicked step mother.... you get the idea
Do you get along with your parents?: i was raised by wolves- - we 
Adidas, Nike or Reebok: i prefer the germanic gods
Favorite Subject in school: still recess
Most humiliating moment: yrs 1-25
What do u look for in the opposite sex: remote control
Say one nice thing about the person who sent this to you: understands wolves