squish7 / laughs


Squishy Wishy fucked with his brain
Squishy Wishy went quite insane
And all the King's straightjackets,
All the king's shrinks,
Couldn't help Squish, now God knows what he thinks!

Horny boy Squishy
Sat on his tooshy
Reading some porn that was gay
when along came Miss Muffit
and, thinking he'd love it,
stripped, scaring Squishy away

Squishy Squashy squished and squashed a squad of scrumptious squid.
If Squishy Squashy squashed and squished a squad of scrumptious squid,
how many squeeling scrumptious squid did Squishy Squashy squish?

Tinkle, tinkle little Squish
And while you piddle make a wish
Now zip your fly and wash your hands
And tap your feet and do a dance
Tinkle, tinkle little Squish
How I wonder what you wished

Now I lay me down to sleep
I pray the Lord my soul to keep
And if I die tonight, I wish
That Lord, you'll give my soul to Squish.