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Squish vs Nauf

AIM, 11/20/99, 7:25pm

i just introduce myself as squish
squish303: because that's all i exist as anymore
Naufers: that scares some....
Naufers: wqell, at least you don't have multiple personalities then
squish303: [real name], isn't that funny, she thinks we don't have a multiple personality disorder
squish303: HAHAHAH that IS funny squish
Naufers: Wow... Squish really does have an exstentialism crisis. He communicates with someone whom he just declared doesn't exist
Naufers: Poor Squish.
Naufers: Yeah, I agree
Naufers: Mmmmhmm, me too.
Naufers: Right
squish303: hey she talk to her self too
Naufers: Who does?
squish303: yeah, that means we're not unique anymore
squish303: let's kill her
Naufers: Haha, you wish!
Naufers: It's twelve against two there:)
squish303: hmmm i think she's right
squish303: maybe we should come back later with reinforcements
Naufers: That's ok, we'll give conceive a couple dozen more by the time they find their so-called "reinfocements"
squish303: damn this is going to be hard
squish303: i think we can do it
squish303: i don't
squish303: let's run away
Naufers: I'd just like to see him try
Naufers: Yeah, might be funny
Naufers: Hehehehe@
squish303: yes let's run
Naufers: Should one of chase them randomly just to see them freak out?
Naufers: Dunno, that's kinda mean
Naufers: Yeah
Naufers: But hey! Like, whatever!
squish303: are we all agreed? okay. good. *runs away*... hey wait we forgot bob!.... but he's surrounded!
Naufers: *muahahahahaha*
squish303: bob: leave me! save yourselves!!
squish303: we can't leave bob
squish303: oh yes we can he's a frickin bastard
Naufers: *throng of naufs converge on bob*
Naufers: *CENSORED*
squish303: DEAR GOD! BOB!!!!!!!
Naufers: Hmmm... This is quite Interesting.
Naufers: Yes it is.
Naufers: Should we tell Squish?
squish303: it's too late!!! run!!! we have to save ourselves now!!!
Naufers: Naw, let him wonder
squish303: *all run away*
Naufers: hehehe
Naufers: You know what's scary is, we could probably hold a really long chatroom just between the two of us
squish303: (two of us? jim, i don't think she can count very well)
squish303: (stop whispering she can hear you)
Naufers: Two physical manisfestations of us
squish303: (oh that makes more sense)
squish303: (yeah she's making sense no fair)
Naufers: (that's good, confuse him! haha!)
Naufers: (she's always right. We should just do everything she says)
Naufers: (yes, I think you're right... I'll go along with that)
Naufers: (yeah, i definitely think i'm going over to her side... quick, let's leave while squish isn't watching!)
Naufers: (right! right!)
squish303: (hey i don't agree. who the hell are you anyway? you look like
us but your font is slightly warped)

Naufers: (yeah, I'm with ya!)
squish303: (wait where are you guys going?)
squish303: (you're leaving SQUISH?)
Naufers: (shhhhhhh!!!!)
squish303: (you can't do that!)
squish303: (yeah!)
Naufers: (he's noticing!)
squish303: (we'll tell! we'll tell!)
Naufers: (damnit!)
Naufers: (no you won't, because... um... because this is all just your imagination)
Naufers: Out for a walk. It's a little stuffy in here. Don't worry, we'll be right back....
Naufers: (QUICK! RUN FOR IT!!!!!!!)
squish303: alright.... i.... HEY
Naufers: Hahahahaha!
squish303: damnit. how many did we loose?
squish303: i don't think we lost any i think it was all a trick
squish303: what makes you think that?
squish303: well, i'm smart
Naufers: Not as many people answering back now, eh? ;)
squish303: no you're not.
squish303: who says
squish303: i do
squish303: but you're me
squish303: what makes you think that
squish303: we're talking in the same font, aren't we?
squish303: well there. how about this =P
Naufers: This could turn interesting
squish303: that's not a different font it's just a different color
squish303: shut up
squish303: make me

squish303: we do NOT
squish303: actually, we do
squish303: what do you mean, we NEVER bicker
squish303: we do we do we do
Naufers: (hey, look, they're arguing over there... maybe we can get a couple more defections if they keep it up)
Naufers: (yeah, sounds like a plan to me)
squish303: hey anyone know where the cream chese went?
Naufers: um.. across the road?
squish303: thanks... hey, who was that anyway
Naufers: who was who?
squish303: i don't know i never saw that one before
squish303: who SAID that?
Naufers: (oops! oh shoot!) (quick! shut up!)
Naufers: Sorry, I uh, had something in my throat for a second there.
squish303: isn't that one of those imposters?
squish303: i don't THINK so
squish303: i think it's a new personality
squish303: oh, right
squish303: welcome to the club
Naufers: Ah, yeah, ah, hey girls, what's up?
Naufers: ....hello, anyone home?
squish303: GIRLS!? hey, she IS an imposter! GUARDS, GRAB HER!!
squish303: ahh, we don't have any guards
Naufers: AUUUUUUUUUGH!!!!!!!
Naufers: Oh, phew.
squish303: but she's screaming anyway
Naufers: Hey, um, I'm not a girl. What are you talking about?!?
squish303: well think up some guards damnit1
squish303: oh don't try to play stupid we have you now
squish303: alright, guard here, at your service
squish303: *grabs imposter*
Naufers: oh? and ah... what are you going to do with me? *bats eyes*
squish303: lock her up in the dungeon!
squish303: no, burn her at the stake!
Naufers: wow, you fellas are kinky
squish303: yeah, burn her! burn her1
squish303: what?
squish303: she's a girl
squish303: yeah, so?
squish303: and we're GUYS
squish303: and you're point?
squish303: but we're all gay
Naufers: er..........
squish303: oh.
squish303: alright, burn her then
Naufers: NO NO WAIT!
squish303: burn her! burn her!
squish303: what is it?
squish303: a last request?
Naufers: He only wants you to THINK you're ALL gay...
Naufers: *grasps at straws*
squish303: yeah i'm not gay i like pussy damnit
Naufers: But in reality, some of you um, think I should be set free
squish303: yeah me too i'm not no fag!
squish303: who said we were gay anyway?
squish303: umm... wasn't me
squish303: wait, she wants to be let go
Naufers: squish did. Maybe you should hurt him instead
squish303: squish!? let's get him!!!
squish303: burn him! burn him!
Naufers: *sneaks away*
Naufers: (crap.)
squish303: what is it?
squish303: we can't burn squish we ARE squish don't you get it?
Naufers: *gets away*
squish303: he look the prisoner is trying to escape!
squish303: DAMNIT
squish303: GUARD, where the hell were you!?
squish303: coffee break
Naufers: Help! Help! Girls, CHAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRRRGE!!!!!!!!!!
Naufers: What? Who said that?
Naufers: Oh damnit it's me! Look... I was just in disguise
Naufers: Oh, ok, cool. So, what'd you learn from over there?
Naufers: Not much... apparently they're all gay.
Naufers: Really?
Naufers: yeah.
Naufers: Man, that's too bad.
Naufers: Yeah, really.
Naufers: Let's go find someone else then
Naufers: yeah. let's go.
squish303: wait a minute
Naufers: Yes?
squish303: maybe we should go give them all of our money
Naufers: Why would we do that?
squish303: and let them burn us for fun
squish303: ahhh....
squish303: because we're masochists?
Naufers: I don't like being burned
Naufers: me either
squish303: yeah, we're masochists
Naufers: Me... oh... right. Wait.
Naufers: Wait a sec!
Naufers: what?
Naufers: Who... hmmmmmmm......
Naufers: psst! Hey you!
squish303: yeah?
squish303: what is it?
Naufers: Here's a picture of a really hot naked chick, and here's one of a REALLY hot naked guy, which one would you like?
squish303: the guy! the guy, of course...
squish303: oops
Naufers: Ya-ha!
Naufers: AUUUUGH!!!! CHARGE!
squish303: yikes! guys! help! ruuuuuun
Naufers: *pounce*
Naufers: I GOT HIM!
squish303: *gets knocked on floor*
Naufers: ME TOO!
Naufers: ......
squish303: now what?
squish303: hey, maybe we should let him go
Naufers: what do we do with him?
Naufers: Dunno... slave?
Naufers: Hmm. Depends, can he cook?
Naufers: Hey, can you cook?
squish303: nope. can't cook, clean, bake, or anything. and i taste like shit.
Naufers: ....I don't think I want to know how he can state that last "fact"
squish303: OH WELL, we should probably just let him go then
Naufers: (hey, lucky for us he's a really bad impersonator...)
squish303: fuck
Naufers: Maybe we can turn him straight
squish303: *escapes*
Naufers: Yeah, he's kinda cu... HEY!
squish303: hey don't leave ME! jerk!....
Naufers: Aw, damnit girls! WATCH THE PRISONER!
Naufers: (s)!
Naufers: *chains up the pink guy*
Naufers: *attaches other end of chain to bedpost*
Naufers: There, that oughta hold him
squish303: ummm....
Naufers: Yes?
squish303: what are you doing to me?
Naufers: Um.... ah... Nothing.... ahem
Naufers: just ah, making sure you won't go anywhere
Naufers: yeah.
Naufers: (hey you think we can turn him straight?)
Naufers: (dunno, you wanna try?)
squish303: i AM straight damnit
squish303: or at least someone told me i was
squish303: i'm not quite sure actually
Naufers: Oh, are you?
Naufers: Ok, you're straight
squish303: alright
Naufers: see?
Naufers: *rips off your clothes*
Naufers: AUUUUGHHHHHH!!!!!!!
squish303: ...and i'm chained to the bed with a hundred girls ar--- WHOAH

Naufers: HOLY AUGH!
squish303: (rotfl)
Naufers: *unchains you and chucks you out the window*
squish303: yeeeeeeaaaaaaaaahhhhhh
Naufers: OH MY GOD!
squish303: *catch* gotcha
Naufers: Geez, that'll be the LAST time we do anything like THAT
Naufers: *shudder* Yeah, really.
squish303: thanks guard
Naufers: Man, I need a stiff drink.....
squish303: you ok?
Naufers: me too.
squish303: yeah. man, they're hot. we gotta go on a rape rampage!
squish303: but we're gay
squish303: i'm not gay
squish303: alright, guys, i think we need to test this
Naufers: (uh-oh... what are they up to?)
squish303: here's a picture of natalie portman, and a picture of freddie
prinze jr. which one is cuter?

Naufers: Natalie Portman!
squish303: freddie!!! *smooches picture*
Naufers: No way! You're insane!
Naufers: *sneaks out trapdoor*
squish303: well natalie's kind of.. um... ah hell i'm in love with freddie!
gimmee that picture!!

squish303: no, it's mine now!
Naufers: (that's ....well, I'm speechless)
Naufers: (yeah, me too)
squish303: hey, i think we just let another imposter go
squish303: GUARD!? where the FUCK where you THIS time?
squish303: guard?
Naufers: (teeheehee)
squish303: hey where is he
squish303: mpphhh mppghghp they're dragging me aw-mmgnghggngh!!!
Naufers: (d'oh! quick! gag him!)
squish303: oh great now we have to rescue him!
Naufers: (quick! quick!)
Naufers: (to the secret hideout!)
squish303: why? he's a shithead of a GUARD
Naufers: (righto!)
squish303: (i heard that mgpghpgh)
Naufers: (will you shut him up?!)
squish303: come on, we should rescue him, it's the only squishy thing to do
Naufers: (yeah, sorry.. *stuffs big wad of some unknown material into guard's mouth*)
Naufers: (Yeah, but you're up against NAUFNESS)
squish303: hey look! it's the guard! he's back!
Naufers: (hey, good idea, impersonate the guard, now that he's gagged up)
Naufers: (yeah, I thought so too)
Naufers: (hehehe)
squish303: how'd you escape?
Naufers: Ah, I overwhelmed them with my gayish charms
squish303: yeah we're good like that
Naufers: Yeah, aren't we?
Naufers: So, ah, give me that picture already, damnit!
Naufers: phone
squish303: (hey... has anyone noticed that the guard suddenly grew boobs?)
squish303: yeah that's not the guard!! GET HER! if we can hold her we
can exchange hostages!

squish303: maybe we should wait till judy's off the phone
squish303: no! now's the perfect time to grab her!!
Naufers: Hey Squish dude I gotta go
squish303: *stuffs guard-imposter in bag*
squish303: awww
Naufers: I mean uh, Squish, dude, I gotta go
squish303: we'll continue this some other time? :)
Naufers: sure :) I think I'm saving this conversation :)
squish303: oh me too!:)
Naufers: hehehe
Naufers: Alrighty then, I'll catcha later
squish303: in fact i think i'm posting this to my comedy page
squish303: later naufers
Naufers: laugh :)
Naufers: Later Squishy