squish7 / laughs

AIM, 3/7/00, 11:13pm

(11:13:47 PM): so what, in fact, is the
meaning of life?

IggY2K (11:14:56 PM): You mean other than 42,
I take it?

Joshabunga (11:15:20 PM): yes, i assume you can
do better than just parrotting douglas adams...

IggY2K (11:15:38 PM): how about 43?

Joshabunga (11:16:02 PM): oh, now that's just a
cheap rip-off

IggY2K (11:17:40 PM): I beg to differ - this
answer has completely nothing to do with any
other answer to the question given by others;
it's an independent assessment

Joshabunga (11:19:38 PM): the fact that it is
simply douglas adams's answer plus one makes it
highly suspect

IggY2K (11:20:17 PM): Well one could argue
that since any number can be expressed in the
form of douglas adams' answer plus some
other number, any numerical answer is highly
suspect ...

Joshabunga (11:22:17 PM): yes--and that means
that the meaning of life is most probably *not*

Joshabunga (11:22:39 PM): besides, 42 isn't the
meaning of life, it's the Ultimate Answer

IggY2K (11:23:28 PM): Are you claiming that
just because an answer resembles the Great
Adams' answer, it is necessarily incorrect? Isn't
that guilt by association??

Joshabunga (11:24:49 PM): but i didn't ask you
for an answer, anyway. i asked you for a

IggY2K (11:26:10 PM): well perhaps you just
didn't understand my answer ... perhaps you
should investigate the actual question you were
asking ...

Joshabunga (11:26:47 PM): perhaps you should
explain why 43 is the meaning of life :)

IggY2K (11:27:30 PM): The explanation would
take significantly longer than the span of our
lives ...;

Joshabunga (11:27:44 PM): how did you come
upon this answer, then?

IggY2K (11:28:15 PM): I found it scribbled on a
piece of paper

Joshabunga (11:28:57 PM): maybe what you
found is not the meaning of life, then, but just
some poor fool's house number

IggY2K (11:29:26 PM): not likely - the piece of
paper had the phrase "The Meaning of Life:"
scribbled on it

Joshabunga (11:30:21 PM): and just because
something's written on a piece of paper, you
believe it? for shame!

IggY2K (11:30:36 PM): it had an official stamp
of certification on it

Joshabunga>/dont> (11:31:06 PM): from god?

IggY2K (11:31:25 PM): no, from the Meaning of
Life Authority!

Joshabunga (11:31:56 PM): buddy, if the Meaning
of Life Authority isn't a subdivision of God
Industries, Inc., they are operating a fraudulant
company and will be shut down immediately.

IggY2K (11:34:07 PM): the Meaning of Life
Authority is simply a consortium of various
interested parties that has jurisdiction in all
matters relevant to the meaning of life

Joshabunga (11:34:43 PM): but are their
publications authorized and validated by God
Industries, Inc?

IggY2K (11:35:04 PM): They may very well be

Joshabunga (11:35:25 PM): well, i hope so,
because otherwise, they would be propagating

IggY2K (11:36:21 PM): yes, we wouldn't want
that .. now would we? Would we???

Joshabunga (11:37:30 PM): wait--how silly of
me--if in fact, GII *claims* to be unaware of the
activities of the MLA, it must simply be a part of
their business strategy, or in layman's terms, the
Divine Plan

IggY2K (11:37:53 PM): yes, it very well may be

Joshabunga (11:39:05 PM): in fact, it has to
be--because if something happens in the universe
that is not included in the Plan, GII will foreclose
on this universe and start a new one

IggY2K (11:40:05 PM): True ... now that would
be *really* unfortunate ...

Joshabunga (11:40:26 PM): for us, anyway

Joshabunga (11:40:41 PM): i suppose GII would
be miffed, but overall indifferent

IggY2K (11:40:50 PM): yes, well it would also
cause the Divine Index to fall significantly ...

Joshabunga (11:41:17 PM): that just made me
think of something. who invests in GII?

IggY2K (11:41:38 PM): Heh - who doesn't invest
in GII ...

Joshabunga (11:41:58 PM): no, seriously, who
does? obviously we can't, because we're a part
of the product

IggY2K (11:42:48 PM): so? Employees of
companies often hold shares in their
companies ...

Joshabunga (11:43:14 PM): no no--we're not
employed by GII. we're the product they sell, or
rather, integral components thereof

IggY2K (11:43:38 PM): right, but there's nothing
preventing us from being stockholders, now is

Joshabunga (11:46:05 PM): yes there is.
stockholders' meetings are held in the head
offices of GII, which none of us can gain
entrance to until after we die, and then, only if we
weren't defective parts

Joshabunga (11:46:47 PM): plus, seriously, do you
really think you can even afford *one* share of
God Industries, Inc?

IggY2K (11:47:14 PM): Well, first of all, there are
proxy meetings on Saturdays and Sundays.
Second of all, it's still possible to vote without
going to the meetings

IggY2K (11:47:41 PM): as a member of the GII
family, I have a stock option plan that makes
it affordable

Joshabunga (11:48:01 PM): you're not a part of
the family. you're just a part of the product.

IggY2K (11:48:12 PM): well the extended GII
family ...

Joshabunga (11:48:22 PM): unless you are a
seraphim or a metatron and you just haven't told
me yet...

IggY2K (11:48:24 PM): in the corporate sense i
am still one of them

IggY2K (11:48:47 PM): But if I was, you realize I
would be bound by a non-disclosure
agreement, so I couldn't tell you anyways ...

Joshabunga (11:49:25 PM): right--so, to preserve
my own sanity, i have no other choice to believe
that you are just delusional, which is by far the
more likely of the two scenarios

IggY2K (11:49:48 PM): If that is what makes you
feel warm and fuzzy, then by all means,
believe it ...

Joshabunga (11:50:28 PM): or perhaps there is a
third scenario...

IggY2K (11:50:37 PM): ... oh and what might
that be??

Joshabunga (11:51:33 PM): ...that i, too, am an
Avatar of GII, and i am trying to covertly
acknowledge your presence whilst we both
conduct QA

IggY2K (11:52:20 PM): ok well if you are, then
surely you know the sign?

Joshabunga (11:53:00 PM): you fool--surely you
are aware that we cannot give the sign via a
medium that can so easily be tapped!

Joshabunga (11:53:38 PM): either you are being
extra-thorough to ensure that i am not a
corporate spy, or you are one yourself

IggY2K (11:53:55 PM): ah ha! but you see, there
is no sign anyway - therefore, I have called
your bluff and disproven your divine claim

Joshabunga (11:54:54 PM): of course there's no
sign! how else was i to make sure that you were
not a corporate spy, but to bluff that there was a
sign and have you call me on it!

IggY2K (11:55:32 PM): AH ha! But since there
actually is a sign, your denial of it reveals your
true spy nature!

Joshabunga (11:56:59 PM): Ah ha HA! your
turnabout rebuttal is the acknowledgement of the
sign, revealing that you are in fact an Avatar and
that you are also aware that i am one too!

IggY2K (11:57:22 PM): Oh yeah? What's your
AID (Avatar ID)?

Joshabunga (11:57:52 PM): i left it on my dresser
by accident

IggY2K (11:58:34 PM): Dammit! You're
supposed to have learned it by now! I mean,
it's the same number for everyone, for god's
sake ...

Joshabunga (11:58:42 PM): but i can recite it for
you, if you do insist on going through with this
silly cherade

IggY2K (11:59:01 PM): oh really?

Joshabunga (11:59:22 PM): yes really...and you
know i'm right, so don't bother BSing with me

Joshabunga (11:59:26 PM): the AID is...

Joshabunga (11:59:37 PM): 1...

Joshabunga (11:59:39 PM): 2...

Joshabunga (11:59:41 PM): 3...

Joshabunga (11:59:43 PM): 4...

Joshabunga (11:59:45 PM): 5

IggY2K (11:59:51 PM): Dammit, that's an idiot's
luggage combination!

Joshabunga (12:00:05 AM): which is,
coincidentally, the same combination i have on

IggY2K (12:00:49 AM): You sound like you got
your divine status by being on that "Who
Wants to be a Divine Messenger?" gameshow
on ABC

Joshabunga (12:01:37 AM): almost--i was
adopted into the family by participating in FOX's
"Who Wants to Marry a Divine Messenger?"

IggY2K (12:01:54 AM): So who did you end up

Joshabunga (12:02:16 AM): no silly--the Divine
Messenger was female--i was one of the males
vying for her hand in marriage

IggY2K (12:02:48 AM): so are you saying you

Joshabunga (12:03:02 AM): no, i won, that's how i
became a Divine Messenger

IggY2K (12:03:12 AM): So who did you marry?

Joshabunga (12:03:44 AM): Miss Sara Fim, the
Seraphim--she's one good lookin' Avatar!

IggY2K (12:04:43 AM): I dunno ... I've heard
some pretty wild rumors about Miss Sara Fim's
sexcapades ...

Joshabunga (12:05:04 AM): they're all true. and
all were with me

IggY2K (12:05:28 AM): That's not what I heard

Joshabunga (12:07:14 AM): well you heard
wrong--man, she thought i was decent in bed
before i became an Avatar--but since then, holy
SHIT, has it been amazing

IggY2K (12:07:25 AM): Remember the whole
Sandalphon Scandal of 2134 BC?

Joshabunga (12:07:51 AM): of course not silly, i
was a mortal man until a few weeks ago

IggY2K (12:08:27 AM): Well, let's just say she
was a key player in that particular incident ...

Joshabunga (12:09:28 AM): what she did before
she met me is ancient history and none of my

IggY2K (12:11:03 AM): It's not that ancient - in
fact, it's only been a couple of divine-days
since it happened ...

Joshabunga (12:12:11 AM): true, but my
consciousness is still suffering divine-lag because
of my recent transformation, so i'm not quite on
track with the rest of you yet

IggY2K (12:13:44 AM): ah ok i see

IggY2K (12:14:05 AM): well anyway seeing as
how Politically Incorrect is on, I'm afraid I'm
goning to cut this little conversation short ...

Joshabunga (12:14:21 AM): ok, i should go too,
my program isn't doing itself

IggY2K (12:15:14 AM): k l8er