squish7 / laughs


1. fireballs
2. spell: frisbee to lead
3. ogres (head-on collisions with your friends now become trivial)
4. weather alteration
5. full-armored knights
6. ...with steeds
7. results more interesting; king and queen of the land will oversee the game from the sidelines; the male of the winning team with the most goal catches will marry the princess; the losing team will be executed.
8. traps
9. dragons
10. firewall!
11. players with chaotic alignment don't have to follow the rules
12. if playing within a magical forest, the trees used as the goal lines will get up and move themselves forward or backward to help the more nature-oriented team (rangers, elves, etc.)
13. dwarves vs. hill giants
14. wand of "get frisbee down from gazebo/tree"
15. players with high dexterity rule the game
16. invisibility (cast on _other_ team)
17. ring of speed
18. ring of catching
19. frisbee sometimes lands on dirt path in the way of travelers who kindly throw it back instead of busy road with cars who crunch it
20. gigantic battefield, two giant armies, one frisbee
21. the magical trees also bend out of the way when the frisbee is heading for them when it's the rangers/elves ball
22. create food and water spell allows for making all the kinds of gatorade frost anyone could possibly want
23. "reverse gravity" spell
24. monster summoning

and the most fun thing about fantasy ultimate frisbee:

25. team that worships the local wind god always wins