squish7 / laughs

Squish & Kornflake & Chickun Wing

squish4dummies: three days till showtime:-)
kflake wx: yo no have chickun wing
squish4dummies: LOL
kflake wx: just sweet and sowah
kflake wx: with tiny bit of soy sauce
squish4dummies: we got swedish dawg with fench fries
kflake wx: that makes you a woosah!
kflake wx: so i beat yo with pinkay fu!!!
kflake wx: wuaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!
squish4dummies: ROFLMAO
squish4dummies: kornflake, the stuff that comes out of your head....
squish4dummies: i don't think i want to know what's up there lol
kflake wx: no soy sauce
squish4dummies: no soy sauce in yo head?
kflake wx: i cooke eet up for yo...
kflake wx: you no like?
kflake wx: you want pu pu
kflake wx: pu pu for two?
squish4dummies: i want ostrich po po
kflake wx: no substatutions! yo no have substatutions! you no pay, i no play! i beat you with zodiac
kflake wx: animals mess yo up
squish4dummies: yo lusten toh me yo faht faced sunuva goat's muther in lah. i wahn my ostrich or po po or i kill yo! i kill yo!!
squish4dummies: up fahrt faced killah whale killah
squish4dummies: er, yo
squish4dummies: not up!
kflake wx: i stick chinese chowpstick down yo throat, and pull them out of yo aswe
squish4dummies: why i say up
squish4dummies: typo!
squish4dummies: you may me make typo!
squish4dummies: i kill yo!
squish4dummies: sunyung ko-cho leeeeee WAWAWAYOOO!
squish4dummies: i kill yo!
kflake wx: i am invisabo
kflake wx: you no see me
kflake wx: i poke you with my chinese chwopstick of doom when you no looking!
squish4dummies: yahh! where yo go? yo slimy lemon-buht dropping! i find paint an splash yo!
kflake wx: no paint for yo!
squish4dummies: bahh, where my pain' go?/
squish4dummies: YO TAKE MY PAIN'!!
squish4dummies: I KILL YO
kflake wx: i need to paint my toyota... it look good when i dewiver take out order
squish4dummies: i get big faht sumu wreslah and pound butt all over room until he skwash yo!!
kflake wx: i distwact him with chickun wing
kflake wx: and he sit on yo
kflake wx: then you have pupu
squish4dummies: bob! come heh! stomp floo'! kill her!
squish4dummies: aiiiikkkk
kflake wx: bob, yo want chickun wing?
kflake wx: oh, so good
kflake wx: yo like? here's more
kflake wx: with tiny bot of soy sauce
squish4dummies: yah, me want wing
kflake wx: i give you wing... you make pupu!
squish4dummies: bob yo get awf me now o' i jump up yo butt and punch hole thru yo ampit
squish4dummies: but she give me wing
squish4dummies: i give you hemrhoid for life if you no get off me!!
kflake wx: yo no wisten to woosa under there
squish4dummies: no i want wing
kflake wx: i defeat him with pinkay fu!
kflake wx: wuaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa, chong won mey!
kflake wx: boot to the head!
squish4dummies: DAAAWWWGGG! dohg dawg get here now an' bite sumu eyes out
kflake wx: i feed dawg chickun wing
kflake wx: he go chokey chokey!
kflake wx: i feed peopo doggie bag at westawant
squish4dummies: ahhhh you foil me ovah and ovah
kflake wx: becawse, i am the mastaw!
squish4dummies: i call down wrath of pupu gahd on yo!!!
squish4dummies: bwuhahaha
kflake wx: i feed pupu gawd chickun wing
kflake wx: he no like
squish4dummies: pupu gohd, come kill mastaw!
kflake wx: i tolwd him it was yo ideaw
kflake wx: he come to beat you now with ancient chowpsticks of doom
squish4dummies: ahhhiiikkk
squish4dummies: godzilla! godzilla! godzilla save me
squish4dummies: godzilla come kill pu pu gawd
squish4dummies: godzilla??...
kflake wx: gawdzilla not done at westawant until 3AM
squish4dummies: bahhh
kflake wx: so i weave yo heaw
kflake wx: you suffaw!
squish4dummies: i shove dynamite up sumu ahss. he expode into itty bitty fahty peeces
kflake wx: yo no nice
squish4dummies: i eat pieces. they good
squish4dummies: tahste like chikun wing
kflake wx: i wet godzillwah off work to avenge his bad fawt friend
squish4dummies: yahh and i be no nice to you do!
squish4dummies: i cahst diareah spewll on godzilla
kflake wx: more pupu for you!
squish4dummies: godzilla have diareah fo' nine week
squish4dummies: i tell godzilla you cast spell
kflake wx: and he siwt on yo!
squish4dummies: i grahb book so i not bored this time
kflake wx: haa haa
kflake wx: i go to sweep now
kflake wx: goodnight, sweep tighwt
squish4dummies: yo vewy funny flake
squish4dummies: yahhh don' leave me hear i suffocate
squish4dummies: fine go, i kill yo latah
kflake wx: :-)huwg:-) it is fowrtune cookie... i get it awll from fowrtune cookie!
squish4dummies: i use this message in my bohk
squish4dummies: nite nite yo
kflake wx signed off at 1:41:30 AM.