squish7 .com / laughs

squish's ball of
you know those elastic
or tin foil balls people make,
adding elastics over time, because
they're too poor to just go out and buy
a ball? well, here's mine, made of laughs:
lots of bits of mirth from the bizzare world
of me and my squishy friends. bounce it,
squish it, and come back whenever
you have three papers you really
should be writing instead.

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chinese kornflake
-- kornflake, chiken wings, godzilla, and chinese chop sticks of doom, all wrapped up in a portable doggie bag for your convenience.
squish feigning godhood -- on the net, it's fun to pretend you're someone else sometimes. even if it's just a plain old basic diety.
pure randomness -- yeah, that garfield, he's one funny komodo
dragon. did you see the one with steve urkel?
cute, stupid people -- cuteness = intelligence^(-1) ??

nauf vs. squish -- It still astounds modern historians how the human race survived the infamous landmark day when the multiple personalities of Squish and Nauf collided.
josh vs. iggy -- bet you thought the answer to life was 42 eh? guess again!

The Mysterious Vending Machine
-- the vending machine. microsoft tool or government conspiracy?
the alliterations
-- such super-squishy strikingly simlar sounds...

and of course... the surveys
now and again in the world of email you're virtually required by law to fill out a stupid survey of questions that someone forwarded you. they're read and written by only the excruciatingly bored. here are some of my favorite surveys and answers.

-- FEB '98.
-- NOV '98.
survey3 -- AUG '99. the longest survey of the three, and also the one that spawned some of the funniest answers.

The logins have been updated and moved to: THE LAST LOGIN
"Logins" are very funny text files & blurbs that my friend Sam and I would write back and forth to eachother on our college linux accounts.  I've now added a modern 20-page "last login," the ultimate conclusion to the login saga.  Super bizarre & even adult humor.  You've never seen bestiality & gay fisting like this. (eww!).

Misc/Main stUff

Sid and the Purple Turkey Blabo Beans, part I
-- a silly story i wrote in high school.

a squishy wORLD -- wouldn't the world be so much more fun if people had thought to use the word "squish" in place of some other boring word? here's a list of what could have been.
jelly belly flavors
-- a list of jelly bean flavors i think jelly belly should add to their measly 40 flavors.
fantasy frisbee
-- ultimate frisbee meets D&D
our band name list
-- we argued about our band name for years. here's a handful of our attemps.


Posted 2008: five poems from an old college poetry course
WWYDFAKB? -- what would you do for a klondike bar?
One-way Love -- "all love is unrequited" (Babylon 5)
Poetry -- a poem on poetry
The N'Sync Fan -- poor pathetic little girls

Ode to Mary Poppins and Edgar Allen Poe

dOom – sux to be late at Reading High School
sQuishy Nursery Rhymes
whacked nursery rhymes -- just a few my friend sam and I came up with once.
-- friends sizing up friends. Isn't that what friend are for? only three here so far