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I claim these fall under the Fair Use Act via educational commentary, minor use, nonprofit & nondefamatory nature, & promotion of Kyle XY.  If ABC wants them down, just email me.

KYLE XY: Abnormal Psychology, Math, Patterns, & Biposkitzoauttenia
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Kyle XY is, in my opinion, a telekinetic biposkitzoauttenic, a bipolar schizophrenic autistic attention deficit disordered teenager who just happens to be able to move a couple rocks with his mind.  If you know me you know I'm as abnormal and Kyle-ish as they come.  If you're lucky (and cursed) enough to have an imploded brain since birth, you have a million positives and negatives to deal with.  If you're bipolar, you usually have severe depressions and sometimes suicidality, but then there's the positive mania of euphoria, creativity, lust, optimism, and the ability to stare at the clouds in a wonderous way that no one else can.  But mania has just as many negatives: delusions, wrecklessness, rage, excessive shopping, overconfidence, violence, to name a few.  At times mania even emulates many of the exact symptoms of schizophrenia, good and bad.

A schizophrenic is just someone who's mind tends to see the same world that "normies" do from many different angles, like using a kaleidoscope and turning it this way or that.  This worldview is no better or worse than anyone else's (how the hell do you know there's not an alien government in Area 51, maybe they only talk to the intelligent people), but the two views often cause disharmony when they don't agree.  Area 51 wants someone dead, but no one else does, so a schizophrenic gets locked up until they take out your alien brainchips and you promise to stop talking to those guys.  Again pluses and minuses.  A schizo gets to go to Pluto and see the galaxy, but smells horrible because only he can sense the hyper-alligator in the tub.

Lastly someone with what's been labeled  disorder is gifted with a super-wandering mind, resulting in extraordinary creativity, yet utter distractability, chronic lateness, and a messy bedroom like a room-sized papershredder or run down laundromat.  I have the strongest (note I don't say 'worst' or 'most severe' because it's a condition with many benefits) "ADD" than anyone on planet Earth (here's my personal evidence).  I will drive to the exact same detour sign three times in five minutes, then circle around for a fourth.  I literally spent about eight hours a night doing homework in high school and college.  I can only pay attention to "Ghost Hunters" for about twenty-six seconds before the plants need their fifteenth re-wartering today.  But then again, I write five songs a day and three novels a month and about nine pointless new webpages a day like this one that I'm literally only posting right now to avoid working on my book (quite co-incidentally about a teenage "schizofranglic" named Kyle Kirby who figures out nifty stuff about space-time and fractals).

If you mix them all up and throw in autism (why not at this point), you get "biposkitzoauttenia," or basically, Kyle XY.  In most ways, a biposkitzoauttenic brain can do do everything Kyle can do (minus telikinesis).  The only difference is that Kyle was purposely programmed that way, and of course every other biposkitzoauttenic has a belly button.  You can argue magnitudes, maybe Kyle's brain is more biposkitzoauttenic than anyone on Earth is now, but the curse/gift is essenailly the same.

An autistic can already do all the math and facts that Kyle can, spitting out wikipedia facts as fast as you could look them up and calculating math problems like a graphic calculator.  This is nothing new, it isn't superhuman.  It's quite human and it's called autism.  Then Kyle can navigate that information and data and make connections and see complex patterns and view situations from unorthodox angles and be involved in many other realities than the mundane world around him, just like a schizophrenic.

His emotions and mood swings aren't much different from any strong bipolar.  Same highs; crying to music when he first hears it, same crazy passion and ambition for life and intense contentment whenever Latnok's not trying to kill anybody.  Lastly, this all makes him severely ADD.  Suddenly running in his room and jumping in the tub to isolate every time he has a severe migraine, or grabbing someone and shoving them out of the room when it suddenly dawns on him that it's about to spontaneously combust.

Anyways, being a moderate non-telekinetic
biposkitzoauttenic myself, the opening to Kyle XY drives me in a hypomanic euphoria of sizzling complex numbers and possibilities.  I'll play it over and over like a five-second street drug until someone notices and drags me away to my weekly KXYOA meeting (Kyle-XY-Opening-Anonymous), which is in another state because there aren't too many people odd enough to liquefy 5-second credits and inject them straight into their veins.

Now I'm guessing if you're even a little
biposkitzoauttenic, you at least think the opening is a little cool (or do now if this is your first Kyle XY exposure), because they're the total visual embodiment of
biposkitzoauttenia: strange trippy symbols twirling in cool patterns to a climactic five second jingle (three shots above)*.  If you haven't seen it, you haven't experienced the coolest schizo-manic opening of all time, so check one out.

Full episodes of Kyle XY are on ABC family's site.  Try the first season pilot.

I believe I'm very good at segregating the entangled symptoms of ADD, bipolar, and schizophrenia.  If you'd like a rough self-diagnosis of which you or a loved one (or hated in-law) has, I've put together some comments about abnormal psych including sites to quickly find a doctor, and a chart of differences to help out in a huge world of confusion and misdiagosis, to help untangle them.  This is not professional psychiatric advice.

* It's my opinion these pictures fall under the Fair Use Act of 2007 via educational commentary about disorders, minor use, nonprofit & nondefamatory nature, & promotion of Kyle XY. ABC would not answer my emails to completely confirm this, so if they want them down, just email me with a brief explanation of why and I'll do so immediately. Note the second shot is an inverted just because it looks cool.  You can invert pictures in RGB (or Red-Green-Blue inversion) just by hitting Ctrl-I in paint, but this is not what I consider a proper inversion; art program do not allow RYB inversions.