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This is a little brief as some of my theory overlaps, and it would be redundant to further this while working on a seven book saga called Frangles ("fractal angles").  See the other seven areas of my paper above which one way or another incorporate these ideas.  I use a word as self-important as "fractology" because I see much of my philosophy as ideas that could be a full blown science or field of philosophy or rancid street cult just like any other crenius egostical nut like me.

A fractal is infinitely simple, complex, ordered, and chaotic.  An endlessly explorable sea of images is generated by the genesis of a single core equation: z=z^2+c.  Likewise, nothingness is able to tear itself apart into a vast ocean of stuff and life.  The rule--like z=z^2+c--that allows it to do this, is that joy can rape pain.  Life can exist if it tears two directions from nothingness, each half absolutely necessitating the other, each feeding and tearing off its nemesis.  We murder with cheesecake and sex, and are ourselves murdered by holocausts and torture.  The only reason you exist is that you have a perfect inverse self, seeing orange skies and black clouds and red grass, hating what you love, loving what you hate.  What I call Symmetric Philosophy can answer every question with this simple rule.

Descartes reduces philosophy to only half of our situation: I think, or I exist.  The most obvious conclusion to draw from this observation is that something un-thinks and un-is.  To revise Descartes, we could say, "I half-exist."  Man has never quite realized exactly why he's here.  We know that joy and suffering exist but can never quite figure out why: that one rapes the other, tearing, feeding, the reason for suffering mathematically obvious: a negative for each positive.  Similar to z=z^2+c, the universe is an infinite running computer, operating system Zero.  Every living program is generated.  Neo is a single pixil--an immortal fly--buzzing through a swamp of all possible matrix code.

Yet negatives are only the foci of existence.  There's absolutely everything inbetween.  Every person, planet, and god.  Pure death and life are like black and white Mandlebrot sets, with infinite color and gray swirling between in sporadic directions and life paths.  All philosophy and everything else: all metaphysics, logic, science, and religion, are perfectly, precisely generated and interrelated by O/S Zero.  Logic and Math are pure truth, two foci things revolve around and succumb to.  Your soulmate is analyzable at her core by infinitely complex, simple, ordered, and chaotic equations.  Love is simply a positive integer, and the complexities of love are analyzable like algebra and calculus.  Look at a fractal and you'll see this.  Imagine all of them, and you see the universe; you know the mind of Gods