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So this page is basically so I can look at my cute guy/dog pics anywhere on the planet without carrying around a flash drive. If you like this stuff too you need serious therapy.
I claim these pictures fall under fair use via parody, minor use, commentary, nonprofit nature, nondefamatory nature (just poking fun), general promotion of the stars / businesses involved (I love every one to death), and abysmal lack of cute guy/puppy pages out there.  
If you're the holder and want the picture down please just email me, I will take it down right away.  
Email: skwish (fix the spelling) at [this domain] dot com

Shirtless Bud Light guy and pupp

Bud Light Ad (really).
(Be yourself: fuck a drunk
puppy and make it a bud light)
Brent Corrigan and cute dog

Brent Corrigan

cute cute cute... oh and the
porn model's sorta hot i guess
Greg Vaughan and dog

Greg Vaughan

pbblbbl=P, hey Spike, you said I'd never
be in a photo shoot with a Young and the
Restless actor, well look at me now, you
owe me like four hundred milkbones

Jesse Mccartney and dog

Jesse Mccartney

I don't want another pretty face
I don't want just anyone to hold
I don't want my love to go to waste
I want you and your beautiful BOWL

Am I crazy for wanting you?
Maybe do you think you could want me too?
I don't wanna waste your time
Do you see things the way I do?
I just wanna know that you feel it too
There is nothing left to hide

[I just changed one word.  Now you understand the song]
Ashley Parker Angel and dog

Ashley Parker Angel (O-town)
and the ugliest fucking dog on the planet
but Ashley's cute enough to compensate

Matt Dallas and dog Kyle XY

Matt Dallas -- Kyle XY

"My first memory was of a dog urinating
on my neck while I stared with a dumb
face at a flashing metal box"
Benji Madden and his dog Cashdogg Benji Madden and his dog Cashdogg Benji Madden and his dog Cashdogg

Benji Madden (Good Charlotte) and Cashdogg
[zero sarcasm because I love them both to death too much]

Howard Roffman: Shirtless Kris & puppy

[too cute to comment]

Howard Roffman: Kris & puppy

Hey, there, buddy, what, you think I'm cute?  No no, it's a metaphorical thumbnail.  Digital.  Stupid human.

Howard Roffman Photography

Howard Roffman: naked guy and dog

No, Lisa, put the vase over the corner with the stuffed ostrich.  This is gonna be one gerat tupperwear party.  I, hey, wait, I must be dreaming, I'm waking up, what the... oh great, I'm a dog again.

Vin Diesel & dog

Vin Diesel
smiling with a dog sitting vaguely nearby in the corner paying no attention to the photo shoot, staring at a floofy poodle licking its privates instead

Naked Abercrombie & Fitch guy & dog

From an Abercrombie & Fitch catalog.  

[No comments] =P

Naked guy and dog (abercrombie??)

Hey man, nice scarf!
Is that real fur?
Orlando Bloom and dog black & white

Orlando Bloom
My elven touch sense detects a furry
dumb creature right in front of me
Guy and dog dalmation black & white

Shirtless Fireguy & Dalmation
There's the fire alarm Jake!  Or is it offworld
 Stargate activation?  Either way, why don't
you lick my crotch for good luck

Hot shirtless guy and dog

Guy in huggies having too much
fun with an overgrown tribble
Justin Timberlake and Cheetah

Justin Timberlake and Cheetah

This is the way the world ends.
Not with a whimper, but by being mauled by
a rabid jungle animal from Narnia that I never
should have agreed to go on a blind date with.
Paul walker not walking a dog

Paul dog-Walker in therapy for a
worsening co-dependent relationship

Brad Pitt and dog

Brad Pitt
(how much longer do I have to stare at the
camera with this fucking dog on my lap?
Josh someone and dog

Some guy named Josh whose last
name I don't remember because I
was too busy being mesmerized by
this dog's piercing hypnotic stare

Abercrombie & Fitch teddy xmas catalog

Abercrombie & Fitch Xmas catalog pic
[not quite a dog but you get the point]

you can't beat teddy bears, candy canes,
& slightly exposed pubic hair

cute guy & dog

Thank God I'm too dumb for them to force
me to make idiodic faces for the camera
like Brian.  It makes these shoots so easy.

Orlando Bloom shirtless and dog

Orlando Bloom
shivering in his shattered masculinity
being led around by his lesbian blind dates

Jake Gyllenhaal and dogs

Jake Gyllenhaal
so much to look forward to...

cute guy and dog in park

Excuse me sir, do your privates
need licking?  Cuz mine do.

Corbis guy and dog at beach frisbee

Guy and dog and frisbee
all alone on the beach
Matthew Mchhachhhaney dog

Matthew Mchchanahononahey & Fido

hot shirtless guy dog beach

Who's leading?
Brad Pitt kinda bored with ADD dog

An increasinly bored Brad Pitt &
ADD dog in terrible need of ritalin

Abercrombie catalog guy dog

"Seeking serious fun"

Can we say as far from subliminal advertising as humanly possible?  The poor dog.