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SYMMETRIC BEING: Abnormal Psychology

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Brain functioning results from the same computer--of nothingness breaking apart--that generates everything else.  The brain is a specific concept or system that we associate with human consciousness, although our theory claims that consciousness more directly results from the computer of nothingness--"zero"--tearing apart.  We could actually view the humain brain as a map of all the places our consciouness can travel, all the possibilities generated by zero.  This is not just a map of human consciousness (because one can have a dream one is a dolphin, and so on), but a map of all possible feelings and experiences.  Here I examine a few specifics of this system.

I believe attention deficit disorder to be a result of the chaos of things wandering around by the perfectly ordered and yet totally chaotic system or fractal of "zero."  When nothingness breaks apart into infinite fractal life, in some ways this is a perfect running computer program, and in some ways, totally chaotic.  The ADD mind wanders this chaotic realm of stuff more chaotically than the standard brain; circles and lines vs a bee flying around.

The black-and-white of bipolar -- the sine wave of highs vs lows -- is just simply the joy and pain that results from Being breaking apart -- highs tearing and raping lows (someone else that is low while you're happy or manic, a perfect inverse consciousness) , and vice versa.  The specific types of mania are clearly just the complexities of those colorful emotions.

Schizophrenia is the human mind's ability to wander more than usual to other perfectly valid points of view on our standard view of reality, such as examining a similar fractal image to the one we all accept as standard.  To lock into one exact image and stick to it no matter what, and call any deviation--any wandering around to some other place--a sickness, in my view, is the psychotic thing to do.  For instance, if our standard worldview was the 2% that psychotics now occupy, then that 2% would be abnormal.  So how on Earth can we prize one view over the other, since we obviously have our current view by chance, among the sea of all possibility.

Medication quite simply takes these brain functionings and brings to the norm, whether or not you consider that a good or bad thing.  Stimulants make the ADD mind more ordered rather than chaotic/creative, mood stabalizers lower the high and low extremes of bipolar, and antipsychotics lock the schizophrenic into our standard reality.  Personally, I think there's a balance of bringing these unique brain functionings in control to the point where they're not dangerous or unlivable, but not beating every drop of creativity and talent, etc, out of someone.

I personally argue that one has the legal right to demand this.  The law says that medication must be forced if one is a danger to himself or others, but there is nothing as far as I'm concerned that says every bit of the talent, creativity, uniqueness, etc, that result from these different brain functionings, must be beaten out of you.  One has the right to be functionally manic, functionally ADD, and functionally schizophrenic, which is exactly where I am.  My ADD grants me creativity, yet little enough to still focus that creativity into solid works; my mild mania allows me creativity and energy without killing too many people per year, and my schizophrenia allows me odd interpretations of reality and occasionally a conversation with some guy in my head, without anyone telling me to off my pet poodle.

A psychiatrist is simply one who has studied much of the details of the brain functioning in the biological system we relate to, and can manipulate it via oral medication.  The DSM-IV is an excellet categorization of different functions of the brain, except for taking the narrow view that any deviation from the norm is diseased.  To me a doctor is someone to work with to bring the strange functioning of these non-normal brain functions into functional levels, if only because one will get thrown in a sanitarium if one deviates too much from society's rigid standards.

Of course all this can be applied to all psychology.  These are just specifics I specialize in in being utterly nuts.