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Squish the Nut, in a Nutshell

So I'm Squish (aka Chet, Rif, Squish7, SquishToGo, and endless variations of these), and this is my silliest and generally little-updated personal website.  50 other sites and projects take precedence (e.g. the EXTERNAL links section way to the right with the colorful logos), but a lot of the material here on squish7.com is just plain timeless (the INTERNAL links just to the right of this box), so check it all out at least once!  Or at least, do so if you're a random surfer with no power to cast official judgement on the lack of professionalism of the site.  If you're anybody remotely professional who would not be impressed by the silliness and slight(?) crudeness here, please exit and re-evaluate whatever less silly/crude project I may have contacted you about.

This site (and my nickname at times) is "Squish7" for one reason: to remind you that the "7" is, ironically and shockingly, the 7th letter in "Squish7."  (I suppose it could have been "Squish7890123456.com," but that's how long "squishfordummies.com" was, which was giving me carpal).

I'm really in no mood to quantify precisely who I am nowadays within the context of this site while simultaneously maintaining I'm a complete professional everywhere else, so here's my Squish7.com-relevant bio that's basically been here forever: I'm a crazy, chaoticly creative, cute, cuddly comedian slash singersongwriter slash novelist slash philosopher, on a constant quest for sanity and all stuff, and an undying crusade to have fun, mock reality, and prove to the world I'm a supergenius by blowing Earth to hell accidentally by or around the year 2047.

that make me feel squishy

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OK now here's where I start typing in random crap because I only put this little text box here to fill up the space, and of course Google doesn't like redundant material, so the moral is it's always safe to ramble incessenttlty(sp?) than to risk lowering your SE hits!