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As a comedian I often use copyrighted material for my video and art which I generally
justify under Fair Use law.  If you want your content out from my work just email me!

This is some artwork of mine as Squish per se, meaning as a comedian, musician, and general real-real-life person, collected through the years, all the way back to art from a high school photography course (bottom of page).  At the top are more recent; the lemon collage was all composed for the music video for my comedy song Lemonade on YouTube/G+.  I will eventually have videos in this format for most of my main comedy songs (images whizzing by humorously complimenting the lyrics).  My next project in this manner is a video for "Big Red Van".  It's more tricky than Lemonade because I'm trying to legally clear all the images rather than rely on Fair Use, etc.  I'm going to rely primarily on images collected from Wikimedia Commons (a huge library of images with various generally free licenses but for which a lot require specific attribution for each image).

I've also established an enormous library of immersive professional fractal artwork.  On the web many are available as desktop wallpapers.  These are currently only for the single use of placing them as your desktop wallpaper, and of course to marvel at them!  Anything else must wait under our e-commerce site is up where you can buy licenses to use them for just about anything.  That project is in the work on the scope of years, so don't bite your nails.  You can go ahead and request specific use right now if you're really eager.  You can contact me here for now.
Experience my multiverse of fractal art at: Xangles.com/wallpaper

click thumbnails for larger:
Some of the pictures I altered for my YouTube video Lemonade.  Most of them whip
by in split seconds at the end of the video.  Here you can examine them more closely.
matrix morpheus lemonlemon halo (halo humor)silence of the lemonslemon mona lisa

sword of shannara lemon (fantasy humor)

lemon wikipedia

24 humor: kiefer sutherland lemon

jak and daxter 1 precurser legacy ps2 w/ lemon

matrix system failure yellow

ring film yellow

olympic condom kant humor diagram

freddy vs jason vs gatoradegatorade inside: intel inside humor
V8 > V5


abercrombie & fitch art: glowing girlabercrombie & fitch art: glowing guytire guy 1tire guy 2

Cover: Elephant Eggs Elephant Eggs back cover1 ryf

Cloud from FF7 w/ 2001/2010 Monolith
Cloud facing Shinra plant from FF7, & Monolith from 2001 (i.e. both are the start of a huge story)
Floating Eggs From Hell Wallpaper
Funny combo: FF7 comet logo & USMC
For my Cloud-like USMC  brother, who also loves Final Fantasy VII

Deus Ex & Inverted Akira Bomb

Deus Ex & Inverted Akira Bomb


Pepe the Purple Platypus
Sig1 Squish
Kyle XY Icons

Kyle XY icon from trippy opening Kyle XY AIM icon from trippy opening
med AIM

I've devoted a page to Kyle XY & Abnormal Psychology ("Biposkitzoauttenia")




Black & white guitar, poetic


leafrabbit cage

flower 2

flower 1


White from black or white from grey
The latter is harder to see
So I spin myself into darkness
To find the light that I seek

Click for bad attempt at webcam art